Rush Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

As a national fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the largest and smartest group of college men with over 300,000 lifetime members and a 3.10 national grade point average.

Here on a local level, our chapter is just as successful. We are one of the largest fraternities on campus with manpower at over 105 members, and we maintain at least a 3.35 grade point average. In the spring of 2012, our house proudly achieved a 3.46 house average. However, we are not solely focused on academics, as we believe in a balanced life style. We are a group of active gentlemen, and whether you look at the campus IMA gym, intramural fields, or our own basketball court out front, you are sure to find SigEps. We believe it’s the combination of these two – a sound mind and body - partnered with a balanced social calendar that gives our members the formula for the perfect college experience. We call this the Balanced Man Program.

Our men graduate from the fraternity fully equipped to tackle any challenge thrown their way thanks to the integrated member development programming offered through the Balanced Man Program. They graduate top in their class, with a plan to succeed in life after college. All throughout this experience they are able to meet, live with, and ultimately create life long friendships and support systems with other driven, like-minded men they can call their brothers.

You want to get the most out of your college experience. Choose the Balanced Man Program. Choose Sigma Phi Epsilon.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Rush team.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon rush team.

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