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SIAMUW Weekly Seminar

The SIAMUW seminar is a student-run seminar series for the masters and Ph.D. students Applied Mathematics Department. Our most exciting role is to provide an opportunity for our students to personally meet with the Boeing Distinguished Colloquia speakers. We also host talks, given by fellow graduate students throughout the university, on student research topics as well as on tools that help make us more productive and effective students and researchers.


Talk-related and generally useful files will be posted on our page of the AMATH Internal Wiki. In particular this includes files associated with a number of tutorials given at our meetings. Students without access to the wiki should email SIAMUW to request information.

Past Talks

  • A PhD Student's Survival Guide: Helpful information for succeeding in your PhD.
  • MATLAB Tutorial: Advanced tricks for MATLAB users (tutorial files available on the wiki).
  • Mathematica Tutorial: Fundamentals of how the Mathematica language works and useful tricks for both beginning and advanced users (tutorial files available on the wiki).
  • Plotting Tutorial: Tips and tricks for making your plots look nice in both MATLAB and Mathematica (tutorial files available on the wiki).
  • Poster Tutorial: Discussion and tutorial on what makes a good research poster, including a number of examples (good and bad) provided by students in the Applied Mathematics department.
  • Fellowship Panel: Panel for students interested in applying for fellowships. Students with fellowships share their experience/advice and are available to answer questions.
  • Internship Panel: Panel for students interested in applying for internships. Students with past internships talk about their experiences and are available to answer questions.
  • Teaching Panel: Students who have taught their own classes share advice on teaching a class.
In addition to our weekly seminars, we also host an annual poster competition. The winner of the poster competition (selected by voting) gets to represent our student chapter at the SIAM Annual Meeting. The poster competition is typically held in January. For more information, email SIAMUW.
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