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The following are testimonials by the elementary school students and teachers participating in the Math Fair program.

"Thanks so much for bringing us the science/math fair! It was very educational. My favorite part was the germ experiment. It's amazing that 17 people got infected when only one started out infected!!!! I also liked learning how much sugar was in each food. I was amazed to find out that even a potato has nearly a teaspoon of natural sugar! I hope you can come again!"

- Kaylea

"Thanks soooo much for coming to our school again! I was excited to be joining in on math with real scientists!"

- Grace

"The lasers were awesome!"

- Serena

"Thanks so much for using some of your precious time to willingly teach us amazing things about math and science. Using lasers was one of my favorite things because you can measure things without having to measure from the floor to the object. Also getting infected was fun. Hopefully you will come again to teach us once more. I look forward to the next class!"

- Clara

"I went home with new information about math that really helped me with my homework."

- Nick

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