Speech and Debate Society at UW Seattle

The American Parliamentary Debate Team at UW

The site is currently undergoing renovations. Please contact kingxia@uw.edu with any questions you might have.
Practices for Winter 2015 are from 5:30pm-8:30pm in Thomson 331 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to drop by!

Team Meetings

Spring 2014 Meetings:

Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8:30pm, Thomson 331

New Members must contact club leadership via email if you're interested in joining.

Team Leadership
Student Leaders

King Xia, President - kingxia@uw.edu
Winston Kiepe, VP of Finance - winstonkiepe@yahoo.com
Aram Ambartsumyan, VP of Relations - aram1994@live.com
Louisa Fan, VP of Communications - loufan@uw.edu
Abby Liu, VP of Research - hcliu@uw.edu


Chris Pierini, B.S. Biochemistry from UW Seattle - chris.pierini@gmail.com
Steve Bonner, B.A. Linguistics from UW Seattle - stevenjaybonner@gmail.com
Sam Timinsky, B.A. History from Marist and M.A. from UW Seattle in Japanese Studies
Aaron Sherman, Pursuing M.A. Education Policy from UW Seattle

2012-2013 Competitive Schedule

September 28-29, Bellevue Warmup, Bellevue College

October 12-13, Lewis and Clark Invitational, Lewis and Clark College

October 26-27, Puget Sound Logger Invitational, University of Puget Sound

November 10-12, Mahaffey Memorial, Linfield College

Janurary 17-20, Mile High Swing, Colorado College

January 25-27, Fred Scheller Invitational, WWU

February 1-2, Pacific Lutheran Unversity Invitational, PLU

February 15-17, Whitman Swing, Whitman University

March 16-19?, National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence, WWU

March 22-25, National Parliamentary Debate Association National Championship Tournament, Pacific, Stockton CA

Mission of the SDSUW
At the University of Washington, the Speech and Debate Team is committed to creating more than just a weekend debating society. To create a pedagogically sound and comprehensive program, the team clearly links the skills that we develop weekend after weekend to the greater UW community and curriculum. Speech and debate, as countless students have learned, directly contributes to their classroom experience; debate teaches research, critical thinking, organization, and listening skills. In fact, in many ways, debate serves as a laboratory in which students can test, compare, and learn new ideas. Debate crosses multiple disciplines, including political science, communication, philosophy, public policy, and drama. Given the complexities of the world today, very few issues can escape contentious debate; politics seems to have become more of a verbal jousting match than a deliberative discussion aimed at negotiating toward a solution. Having a strong debate program offers opportunities to share skills with UW students and the greater Seattle community as a whole.

Joining UW debate
We currently only offer coaching for parliamentary debate. The introductory meetings for introducing novice debaters to college parliamentary debate have ended, but we will still accept new members. If you do not have debate experience, you will have to learn the fundamentals of debate at an accelerated pace to prepare for tournaments. For more information, contact our President or one of our coaches (as listed above)

Outreach and Community Service
The SDS participates in public debates for the broader UW community, and many students volunteer to promote debate in the Seattle High School area. The SDS supports numerous homeschool debate leagues and the Seattle Urban Debate League (UDL). Coaches and team members have taught courses that provides middle school students with critical thinking and public speaking skills that prepare them to enter debate and public speaking competitions once they enter high school.
Send mail to: sdsuw@uw.edu