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Listed by original French date of publication

(1969) Le Concept d modele. Paris: Maspero

(1980) Jean-Paul Sartre. Marsaille: Potemkine

(1982) Theorie du Subjet. Paris: Seuil

(1985) Peut-on penser la politique? Paris: Seuil

(1988) L’Etre et l’evenement. Paris: Seuil
+Translated as Being and Event, tr. O. Feltham. New York: Continuum, 2006

(1989) Manifeste pour la philosophie. Paris: Seuil
+Translated as Manifesto for Philosophy, tr. N. Madarasz. New York: SUNY, 1999

(1990) Le Nombre et les nombres. Paris: Seuil

(1992) Conditions. Paris: Seuil

(1993) L’Ethique. Paris: Hatier
+Translated as Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil, tr. Peter Hallward New York: Verso, 2001

(1997) Deleuze. La clameur de l’etre. Paris: Hachette, 1997
+Translated as Deleuze, The Clamor of Being, tr. L. Burchill. Minnesota: MUP, 1999

(1997) Saint Paul. La fondation de universalisme. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1997
+Translated as Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism. tr. R. Brassier. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2003

(1998) Abrege de metapolitique. Paris: Seuil
+Translated as Metapolitics. tr. Jason Barker. New York: Verso, 2005

(1998) Petit manuel d’inesthetique. Paris: Seuil
+Translated as Handbook on Inasethetics. tr. A. Toscano. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2004

(1998) Court traite d’ontologie transitoire. Paris: Seuil
+Translated as Briefings on Existence . tr. Norman Madarasz. New York: SUNY, 2007

(2003) Infinite Thøught: Truth and the Return to Philosophy. tr. O. Feltham, J. Clemens. London: Continuum

(2004) Theoretical Writings. Eds. & Tr. R. Brassier, A. Toscano. London: Continuum

(2006) Polemics. Tr. Steve Corcoran. New York: Verso, 2006

(2006) Briefings on Existence: A Short Treatise on Transitory Ontology. Tr. Norman Madarasz. New York, State U of NY, 2006

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Matters of Appearance ArtForum, November

The Praxis of Alain Badiou Cosmos and History [multiple journal articles]

Interview with Alain Badiou on Revolutionary Politics Carceraglio

Eight Theses on the Universal

What Happens? On Beckett

Speaking the Unspeakablevideo file lacanian ink 26, March; Tilton Gallery, NYC.

Homage to Derrida video file

Immanent Choreographies: Deleuze and Neo-Aesthetics video file

The Arts: Appearing in the Service of Being, The Drawing Center, NY, March 8.
[lacanian ink 26; scroll to bottom]

Universal Truths & the Question of Religion Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, Villanova University


The Adventure of French Philosophy New Left Review #35, Sept-Oct

An Essential Philosophical Thesis: Is it Right to Rebel Against the Reactionaries? positions - 13:3, Winter 2005, pp. 669-677.

The Cultural Revolution: The Last Revolution? positions - 13:3, Winter 2005, pp. 481-514.

The Triumphant Restoration positions: east asia cultures critique - 13:3, Winter 2005, pp. 659-662.

Lacan. Seminar, Book X: Anxiety lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 70-71.

The Subject of Art The Symptom 6. Spring

Democratic Materialism and the Materialist Dialectic Radical Philosophy. #130, Mar-Apr

Manifesto of Affirmationism lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 92-109.

Politics: A Non-Expressive Dialecticsdocument London, Nov

The Subject of Art video file lacanian ink 24/5, March; Deitch Projects, NYC.

On the European Constitution ENS, May 18, transl. by A. Toscano.

Interview with Alain Badiou Ashville Global Report, November 14.

Behind the Scarfed Law, There is Fear on Riots in France


Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art Journalisms. December 5th.


One Divides Into Two Culture Machine. #4

On the Truth-Process EGS.

The Scene of the Two lacanian ink 21

On Evil: An Interview with Alain Badiou by Christopher Cox and Molly Whalen, Cabinet Magazine Online, Issue 5, Winter 2001-2002.

Transcript of his open lecture On the Truth-Process at the European Graduate School, EGS, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, August.


The Political as Truth Procedure lacanian ink 19


Philosophy and Politics Radical Philosophy. #?, Jul-Aug


Highly Speculative Reasoning on the Concept of Democracy lacanian ink 16


Descartes/Lacan UMBR(a). #1

Psychoanalysis and Philosophy UMBR(a). #1

Hegel UMBR(a). #1

What is Love? UMBR(a). #1


Being by Numbers ArtForum, October


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Listed by original English date of publication

Barker, Jason. Alain Badiou: A Critical Introduction. London: Pluto Press, 2002

Hallward, Peter. Badiou: A Subject to Truth. Minnesota: MUP, 2003

Hallward, Peter (Ed). Think Again: Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy. London: Coninuum, 2005

Riera, Gabriel (Ed). Alain Badiou: Philosophy And Its Conditions. New York: State U. NY Press, 2005

Briefings on Existence: A Short Treatise on Transitory Ontology. Badiou and Madarasz. New York: State U. NY Press, 2006

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