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The South Asian Students Association



Dress up in your best Indian formal and sail across Lake Washington/Lake Union with us on the Islander Yacht! Join us and make a classy night out of your Friday!


For more information, visit Formal 2014 page or our Facebook Formal 2014 page!


Not a UW student, but still want to attend the dance?
Add your name to our FORMAL 2014 GUEST LIST.
[Closes on Sunday, April 6th]


Important Event Policies
SASA reserves the right to refuse entrance to guests who we determine will compromise the safety and security of the event and other patrons. SASA has a non-negotiable policy on violence or threats at our events. Any member making such claims will be prevented from returning to all future SASA and SASA-affiliated events.

SASA will not allow any underage drinking on the premises. Any minor in possession of alcohol will be reported. Anyone appearing overly intoxicated will not be allowed to board and will be escorted off the premises.
Any incidents or sickness as a result of over-intoxication will be subjected to a cleaning fine.

Do not be late! We stop check-in to get on the boat at 10PM SHARP.