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Hossein Safavi-Naeini

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Fundamentals of Networking Lab

EE445 • Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington


under development

ns-3 Cognitive Extensions

In 2009, Nicola Baldo added a series of extensions to ns-3 to enable spectrum-aware simulations. These tools have primarily been used in the context of LTE simulations that are already integrated into ns-3. We aim to extend this work to add some facilities required by cognitive networks (e.g. spectrum sensing, retuning etc..) and implement some proposed MAC algorithms using the additions. Specifically, we make the following additions:

  1. Spectrum Sensing/scanning
  2. Interference Tracking
  3. Tuning/Retuning with delay

The code available on this page is actively under development. Expect major modifications and clean-ups within the coming months.

Download Full ns-3 Package


The motivation for the additions to ns-3 were the desire to implement a modified MAC algorithm which is the subject of my active research. A conference paper was published at DySpan2012 titled:

“QP-CSMA-CA: A Modified CSMA-CA-based Cognitive Channel Access Mechanism with Testbed Implementation”

This algorithm has been included (in preliminary form) in the code package above. In addition, a few primitive (and frankly hackish) scripts are included to analyze output data.