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Our chapter regularly maintains a commitment to outreach beyond the immediate comminity at UW. We have two major sustained outreach relationships that we would like to highlight:

Royal City High School

The UW SACNAS Chapter is committed to community outreach and therefore has established a partnership with Royal City High School (RCHS), a high school in Central Washington which possesses a largely migrant Latino population. The Chapter travels to RCHS to promote science at the high school level through annual visits to meet with the students, conduct hands-on science experiments, present lectures about their research, and educate students about college admissions and how to become a scientist. In addition, in the past the UW SACNAS Chapter organized and sponsored 6 RCHS students to visit the University of Washington campus in
Seattle. Students participated in a campus tour, research lab experience, college application workshop, and interacted with current SACNAS members and representatives from various UW departments and organizations. We have established a steady mentorship relationship with RCHS students. We hope that our efforts to engage their comminity with ours will encourage them to seek higher education and opportunities in science.

Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Council

Please consider volunteering and engaging this special community:

Academic tutoring middle and high school students: Tuesdays from 4-6pm with cultural and food from 6-8pm. Contact Daniel Chee (dchee7[* at* ] uwdotedu) or Bill Edelman (edelman [*at*]uwdotedu) for more details.

The UW SACNAS Chapter is actively involved with local Native American middle and high school students through the Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Council; a pre-college group that promotes and engages in cultural, traditional, and educational outreach activities. Our members have tutored the Clear Sky students every week for 1-2 hours since November 2009. We have planned an interactive science event for the students to get them excited about science (“DNA Precipitation workshop”) and scientific research. We also related our personal stories of success, created a dialogue about pursuing higher education and its benefits, and informed students and community members about the role of SACNAS nationally and at UW. This year, in collaboration with the Clear Sky group and the Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Education Alliance, we planned a culturally appropriate scientific workshop (“Salmon life-history and Environmental Conservation”) for students at the 1st Annual Native Youth Days Celebration - “Bridging Intertribal Communities through Cultural and Traditional Teachings”. Forming this relationship with the Clear Sky Native Youth Council has become central for our Chapter to gainpartnerships, confidence, and a voice with Native communities in and around Seattle in order to effectively mentor, tutor, and motivate future Native American scientists.

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These photo features UW SACNAS Chapter members performing a DNA precipitation workshop with the Clear Sky Native Youth Council students and community members