Student Name: Rui Zhuang RZhuang.jpeg
Advisor: Johannes Lederer, Ph.D. and Noah Simon, Ph.D.
Degree Program: PhD, Biostatistics
Campus Address: Box 357232, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-7232
Email Address:
CV/Resume: CV/Resume (pdf)

I'm a rising fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Biostatistics. I am working with Dr. Johannes Lederer and Dr. Noah Simon on the methods to model the conditional interaction structure of human gut microbiome. We are interested in the theory and algorithm of exponential trace model, a general class of undirected graphical models. The work will help biomedical scientists better understand how human gut microbes interact with each other, which is fundamental to understand the pathogenic processes of intestinal diseases and the pharmacological responses to therapeutic intervention.

I am also a research assistant with Dr. Ying Qing Chen. We are working on statistical methods for validating surrogate endpoints. In medical research, valid surrogate markers are highly desirable in study design, monitoring, and analysis, but challenges exist to identify a reliable marker. We are interested in statistical methods to measure and rank the surrogacy of potential markers.