Nightclubs and Bars I have been to around the world! Nightlife guide!


During my travels, I like to visit bars and clubs and I have been to a lot of them! I can say that I have partied in every continent! In this page I talk about my experience going to bars and clubs all over the world!



Zouk Club Singapore

I had 1 night in Singapore and I went to Zouk, by the river. It was walking distance from my hotel Copthorne Kings. Expensive, which was not surprising. A Heineken was S$19 in 2012

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is an amazing city! I spent September 2015 through November 2015 there. Went to several bars and clubs.

The Cat & Dog, Tel Aviv

This place does more dance and EDM music. A wide range of ages show up here

Dream Exhibition Club, Tel Aviv

This place plays mainstream music like Top 40 and also Israeli music

The Block, Tel Aviv

Inside an old bus station. Definitely underground vibe


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I was staying at Hotel Lobelia in Addis. The first full night in Addis, I made friends with owner of the hotel while hanging out at the hotel bar. The two of us, along with another friend of his went to a house party! Now that was an incredible experience! Lots of alcohol was on offer along with authentic Ethiopian had a really good time! The party hosts were absolutely fantastic!



Escape, Amsterdam

This club is in Rembrandtplein which is a hotspot when it comes to night-life. I went here two nights. First night was in late June and the 2nd night was in early August. Interacted with quite a lot of people. This club doesn't accept credit cards and it costs 50 Euro cents to use the bathroom!


Fuse, Brussels

I loved this place! The crowd was very friendly and outgoing.

Fuse Nightclub in Brussels, Belgium
Fuse Nightclub in Brussels, Belgium


Space, Ibiza

Space Ibiza price list, July 2016
Space Ibiza price list, July 2016
Inside Space Ibiza
Inside Space Ibiza
Inside Space Ibiza
Inside Space Ibiza
Outside Space Ibiza
Outside Space Ibiza

Pacha, Ibiza

Outside Pacha Ibiza
Outside Pacha Ibiza
Inside Pacha Ibiza
Inside Pacha Ibiza
Inside Pacha Ibiza
Inside Pacha Ibiza


Joy Eslava

Partied 3 nights in a row at this place! Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night! Fantastic atmosphere. Was very close to our hostel and Puerta del Sol Metro station



Inside Sturecompagniet, Stockholm
Inside Sturecompagniet, Stockholm



Karel van Mander

I had an absolute blast here! Two nights in a row! Sadly the club closed in 2013. Replaced by The Bank-Natklub & Restaurant as of 2016



Flux Pavillion was here the first night my friend and I were in Razzmatazz. I went here again the following night.


Gothenburg was a fantastic time for me! Had lots of fun! People were all very nice and friendly!






American Gigolo cocktail CIU` DIE BAR, Hamburg
American Gigolo cocktail CIU` DIE BAR, Hamburg



Ministry of Sound London

Enough Said! My friend and I decided that going out 1 night was enough. So this was the only place in London we went to





Old Fashion Club Milano

One of my Italian friends recommended this place! Was fun! Outdoor atmosphere.


Rome was pretty low-key when it came to clubbing. Given the number of things to see in Rome, it didn't make sense to spend a lot of nights late.





Prague was insane! And cheap too! Refreshing to come here from Geneva given how expensive Geneva was! Patied 3 nights in a row here.


Spent night 1 here

Radost FX

Spent night 2 here

M1 Lounge Bar & Club

Spent night 3 here and went to the airport to catch my flight to Helsinki without any sleep! Flew Finnair Business class, which made up for it!



This place was such a blast! Had a joint event going on with a club next door. Met soooo many people! Was here until 5 am the following day!

Outside Kaiku nightclub Helsinki
Outside Kaiku nightclub Helsinki


Klub Muzyczny Parlament

This club was amazing! Lots of people and the drinks were reasonable. I had Goldwasser for the first time here.

Jack's Bar

Met up with a friend here

North America

Seattle, WA

Cha Chas


Red Door

Foundation Nightclub

I was here when Adrian Lux was in town. It was a fun time!

Earl's on the Ave



Portland, OR


Church is a great bar with interestingly named drinks.

Dirty Nightclub

Jones Bar

The Barrel Room

Departure Restaurant & Lounge



Tacoma, WA

Emblem Nightclub

Vancouver, BC

Republic Nightclub

Whistler, BC

Tommy Africas


Maxx Fish

Vancouver, WA

The Grocery Cocktail & Social

Sacramento, CA


Sydney, Australia

I stayed pretty close to the Sydney Business District and the waterfront when I was there. Defintely went out by the waterfront. Witnessed the only fight during my 90+ days of traveling at this club

Home Nightclub

By the Tumbalong, this club was cracking! I was able to walk here which was amazing! Like I mentioned above, witnessed a fight here. The DJ had to break up the fighters!

Auckland, New Zealand

I was staying in a hostel on Queen Street, which made it very easy to find places to go out at night.

Globe Bar Auckland

Met a lot of other young travelers like me here.

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane was pretty mellow. Had a Barbecue with Kangaroo meat by South Bank.

South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My friend Rick, who is from Rio, and I went out pretty much every single night we were there. This was during the world cup, so there were quite a lot of tourists from all over the world. Something was happening all the time!

House of Music

Wonderful night club in Rio!

S„o Paulo, Brazil

Rick and I hung out with Rick's cousin and his girlfriend when we were in S„o Paulo. The hotel we stayed at was pretty close to a lot of places! Also went to a Hooters in S„o Paulo

Kia Ora

This was an Australian themed bar with a busy dance floor. Very good vibe!