My Credit Cards-American Express Platinum Delta, Citi AAdvantage World MasterCard, Barclays Arrival World Elite MasterCard, Chase IHG Rewards Club World MasterCard


In this page I talk about the major credit cards I have, their features, benefits and my experience being a card member and how I have used the credit cards and taken advantage of their benefits. I am a big traveler and that is the reason I have mostly travel rewards credit cards. And I have got to say, they have been good to me! Three of these credit cards provide me my FICO credit scores from all three Credit Reporting Agencies for free! I am in love with this benefit



American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles

Annual Fee: USD($) 195

Free FICO score from Experian

Samsung Pay Compatible

One Delta Skymiles mile with every dollar spent on this card. Two Delta Skymiles miles with every dollar spent on Delta purchases.

I am obviously a Delta Skymiles member. The Annual Companion ticket benefit more than enough makes up for the steep annual fee. Anyone can use the benefit, as long as the cardholer is paying for the tickets.

The sign-up bonus I got with this one was finally used when I got a round trip non-stop flight between Seattle and Amsterdam in summer 2016. It cost 87,000 miles but in the summer for a non-stop, round trip flight, its definitely great value!

I originally had the Gold Delta Skymiles. Most of my bonus miles were from this card. Then Amex offered me more points to upgrade to Platinum. Also, I spent quite a bit as part of my business trip to Israel which helped me with attaining Gold status with Delta for 2016.

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Citi AAdvantage World MasterCard

Annual Fee: USD($) 95

Free FICO score from Equifax

Samsung Pay Compatible

One AAdvantage mile with every dollar spent on this card. Two AAdvantage miles with every dollar spent on American Airlines purchases.

I am an AAdvantage memeber. The sign-up bonus I got with this one paid for my one-way ticket between Sydney and Seattle in September 2012.

The best benefit of this card that I like is the Citi Price Rewind. I was refunded $250 when I purchased my TV in 2014. $250 is the maximum allowed amount.

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Barclays Arrival World Elite MasterCard

Annual Fee: USD($) 89

Free FICO score from TransUnion

Samsung Pay Compatible

Two miles on every dollar spent. No restrictions whatsoever!

I used this card almost exclusively when I did my European trip in 2016. Worked without a hitch everywhere!

The sign-up bonus from this card financed almost half of my flight to Rio de Janeiro from Seattle for the FIFA World Cup in 2014!

The BarclayCard Travel Community is also incredible as it allows you to earn points for describing your travel adventures. I have earned over $200 worth of points writing about my travels and uplaoding photos. They show up as "Pariticipation Points" in your account.

When I signed up for this card initially, the reward structure was 2500 minimum points allowed to be redeemed towards travel purchases within the past 90 days. Also had 10% redemption back. At the moment it is 10000 minimum points redeemable towards travel purchases made within the past 120 days. The redemption back is now 5%. The increase to 10000 minimum has been annoying, but the fact the there are 120 days to accrue miles and spend means I am more inclined to use this card a lot. You can however use 2500 towards the annual fee. However, I don't think you get the 5% back with the annual fee redemption.

The Barclaycard Travel community is a great way to earn more miles. If you have this card but is not part of the travel community, you're missing out!

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Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature

Annual Fee: USD($) 95

Sign up bonus of 50,000 points when $4K spend within first 4 months

Samsung Pay Compatible

I am very excited about the 1:1 points transfer benefit of this card! I chose this card over the United MileagePlus Explorer because I can use these points with United. Also, my dad has the MileagePlus Explorer, so in case we travel together, we can enjoy the perks.

Despite the many articles against redeeming the Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for cashback, I ended up redeeming all of my Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for cashback because there was a need for short-term spare cash. Overall, the extra 25% value the points gave when used for travel was not important to me.

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Chase IHG Rewards Club World MasterCard

Annual Fee: USD($) 49

NOT COMPATIBLE with Samsung Pay

Five points per dollar spent when used for IHG purchases

Two points per dollar spent at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants

One point per dollar on all other purchases.

I am an IHG Rewads Club member. I used this card almost exclusively when I did my trip around the world in 2012. Worked without a hitch everywhere!

The annual free night benefit of this card is amazing! I have used it at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam hotel in the summer of 2016! This hotel rates are in the range of 600+ Euros per night! How incredible is that?!?!?! I spent my first night in Europe at this hotel. It was the perfect place to stay when you are jetlagged! The pool at the hotel was awesome too! The staff at this hotel was the politest I have ever met. The attention to detail and the care they gave was phenomenal! Some photos of he hotel are below

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel

I have also used the annual free night in a Holiday Inn in Seattle as well as a Holiday Inn in Vancouver, BC. Both were in prime locations. I used 90,000 IHG rewards points for a 3-night stay at the Staybridge Suites in Sao Paulo during he FIFA World Cup. Points well spent!

I was a Spire Elite by the end of 2015 because of the business trip to Israel and it was wonderful being a Spire Elite and staying at all the IHG hotels during the summer of 2016! When I signed up for this card back in 2012, this was actually a VISA. I think sometime in 2014, the account was converted into a MasterCard. That meant I don't have a VISA cedit card anymore. It hasn't been an issue anywhere but it is something that I am trying to fix. My next credit card has got to be a VISA. When I traveled in Europe in 2012, I had a PIN setup for this card. almost everywhere I used this card, it asked for the PIN and all I had to do was punch it in. That was very convenient!

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