South Park Season 20

My take on the 20th season of South Park. No videos or anything like that.

South Park Season20 Episode 1-Member Berries

I don't really get the Member Berries concept. Perhaps I should watch it again. As usual, the episode as a whole was spectacular. South Park taking a swag at the current issues

South Park Season20 Episode 2-Skankhunt

This one was also amazing! The twitter exit of Heidi Turner, Scott Malkinson, Cartman's tragedy and the tragedy that struck the boys as a whole. The ending was epic! Using the sound track from Black Hawk! I can't wait for next episode!

South Park Season20 Episode 3-The Damned

Just as amazing as usual! What a fantastic ending! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen between Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner! Oh and what about Gerald Broflovski and his activities? Hoping for more details regarding his escapades and fate next episode.Trey Parker and Matt Stone are absolute geniuses!

South Park Season20 Episode 4-Wieners Out

This episode is without question my favorite of season 20 so far! I mean wow! Anything that Butters initiates is bound to turn out to be the best event ever! And apparently Cartman is a changed man now. I am looking forward to what else will happen to his stint wtih Heidi Turner. And we all saw how Ike is now traumatized for life because of his parents. Can't wait for the next episode!

South Park Season20 Episode 5-Douche and a Danish

I simply cannot get the image of Butters with his pants down out of my head! Incorporating the controversy surrounding Donald Trump into the camapign of Mr. Garrison was a masterclass! Not sure why Denmark and the Danish people were chosen as the "champions" of the people who are oppressed online by online trolls. And Cartmand really has a girlfriend in Heidi Turner. That is just wow! Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to be operating under the premise that Donald Tump is never gonna win. I hope that doesn't prove to be false. The online troll convention spearheaded by Gerald is just hilarious! Gerald with his glass of wine and candles... lol! The whole boys vs girls batle is getting pretty tremendous. And wow, they turned the whole election stuff on J.J Abrams and Star Wars! Cartman and Heidi Turner are now gonna work with the Danes too!

South Park Season20 Episode 6-Fort Collins

In this Episode, we se the continuation of the multiple plotlines that have been in development. We see progress with Cartman and Heidi Turner, the trolls, the Danes, the rest of South Park. It was another exciting and incredibly funny episode. We see the member berries actually manipulating themselves and others as well as more details regarding the role they play. The Election and the parallels drawn between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as Turd Sandwich and Douch respectively.

South Park Season20 Episode 7-Oh, Jeez

Well... So Trump won. Now this is going to be an interesting South Park Episode!

South Park Season20 Episode 8-Members Only

South Park Season20 Episode 9-Not Funny

South Park Season20 Episode 10-The End of Serialization As We Know It

And thus ends another season of South Park! Honestly I would love more episodes per season like the good old days