Robotics Club at the University of Washington

The purpose of the Robotics Club is to raise interest and get students of the University of Washington involved in different aspects of Robotics.
Led by Salikh Bagaveyev, current focus of the group is on powerful vision-based mobile autonomous systems.
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Meeting times:

  • Robo Olympiad preparation team meets every Thursday at 7:30 PM in the ABC engineering room of the McCarty Hall.

    To everyone interested in robotics I recommend joining my favorite social networking site for robotics enthusiasts:
    Tatarica Robotics, where I hang around constantly.



    Robotics is a modern, exciting and challenging field. I believe that we are living at the time when technology is at complex enough level and affordable, when we will see many discoveries and new algorithms.

    Whatever your ideas are, if you are interested in tiny robots that catch flies, or more powerful systems, if you are interested in electronics, mechanics, or programming aspects, or just curious, welcome to the Robotics Club at the University of Washington.

    Sincerely, Salikh (Sal) Bagaveyev.

    You can contact us with any questions using the form below:


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