RainbowGrads W

RainbowGrads at the University of Washington

Who are the RainbowGrads?

RainbowGrads began as an ad hoc task force created by the GPSS Executive Committee to address the underrepresentation of LGBTQ Graduate and Professional students at the University of Washington. The Task Force became a Registered Student Organization (RSO) in September of 2011. Since that time, our membership has grown to over a hundred people from all over campus, but there are still lots of graduate and professional students we need to reach!

Our Mission

RainbowGrads spreads awareness of issues facing LBGTQ Graduate and Professional students, including but not limited to the need for social, academic, and professional opportunities. We interact with other campus groups and sponsor events to foster social, academic, or professional development for LGBTQ members of the UW.

Leadership, 2013-14

President: Joey Hunziker (jgh2014 'at' uw.edu)
Vice President: Jonathan Nagata (jnagata 'at' uw.edu)
Administrative Chair: Jakob Kotas (jkotas 'at' uw.edu)
Event Chairs: Jean Morrison (jeanm5 'at' uw.edu), Henrik Sperber (sperber 'at' uw.edu), & Amarone Thach (amaroney 'at ' uw.edu)

Want to get involved?

Sign up for our mailing list at http://mailman.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/rainbowgrads. We'll keep you up to date with our latest planning meetings and events.