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Quizbowl at the University of Washington

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Quizbowl at UW

Practice for Winter Quarter is at 7:00 PM on Monday (Savery 164) and Thursday (Savery 164) starting Thursday, January 5. Join our Discord for updates.

Practices are open to everyone; you do not have to attend every practice to be on the team, nor do you have to stay for the whole time.

Contact the webmaster Kevin (khkkhk@uw.edu) or any of the other officers (see Meet the Officers) for more information. All of us can refer you to our Discord server, where we host online practices and post important announcements. You can also find a link to the Discord on the UW Student Hub.

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What Is Quizbowl?

Quizbowl is a team activity where students from different universities compete against each other on questions spanning a wide range of academic and pop culture disciplines. Questions are broken up into two general types: tossups and bonuses. On tossups, teams attempt to buzz in before the other team with the correct answer, demonstrating that they have superior knowledge of a subject because the clues go from hard to easy. When a team correctly answers a tossup, they are given a bonus where they can work together to answer questions on a related subject. The winner of the round is the team with the most points after 20 tossups.

Consult this article for a more detailed explanation.

It's a great way to reward your intellectual curiosity, learn new things, or to just have fun hanging out with interesting people.

Is Quizbowl Just Knowledge Bowl?

Not exactly. Knowledge Bowl and quizbowl share some similarities, but there are some major differences.

  1. Quizbowl questions are much longer. While a Knowledge Bowl question is usually just a sentence or two, quizbowl questions are typically long paragraphs. The point of this is to allow slower and more knowledgeable players more time to answer.
  2. Quizbowl is very particular about standardization. There are all sorts of intricate details about proper question writing and the rules that are meant to make the game more fair (for example, the number of questions on each academic subject stays about the same for every round). Consult this page if you want to know more.
  3. Knowledge Bowl is generally only played in the states of Colorado, Minnesota and Washington. Quizbowl is played in pretty much every state.
  4. A Knowledge Bowl match has three teams, while a quizbowl match has only two.

Is Quizbowl Just History Bowl?

History Bowl is very similar to quizbowl, so you should expect your skills to mostly carry over. However, quizbowl is less history-oriented, and it does not use as many different question formats.

What About Science Bowl? Orca Bowl? Other Bowls?

Most other "Bowl" competitions are quite a bit different from quizbowl. Here are some differences you might notice:

  1. Quizbowl does not feature any multiple choice questions.
  2. Quizbowl rarely features computation, as quizbowl math questions are almost always conceptual.
  3. Quizbowl questions are longer, as they are designed to reward deeper knowledge about a subject rather than reaction time.
  4. Quizbowl asks about a much broader range of subjects: you can be asked about anything from pop music to quantum physics.
However, these activities all have a similar target audience. If you excelled in your chosen "Bowl" activity in high school, that same thirst for knowledge will help you succeed at quizbowl as well!