Student Name: Hongxiang Qiu Barney Rubble
Advisor: Marco Carone, Alex Luedtke
Degree Program: PhD, Biostatistics
Campus Address: Box 351617, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-1617
Email Address:
CV/Resume: CV/Resume (pdf)

I am a fifth year PhD student in the Department of Biostatistics working with Dr. Marco Carone and Dr. Alex Luedtke. My interest lies in various topics on statistical inference under nonparametric/semiparametric models with the goal being that useful conclusion can be drawn while only assumptions with solid backup are made. The first dissertation project is on efficient estimation for a rich class of estimands without knowledge of semiparametric efficiency theory and with more general smoothness assumptions. The second dissertation project is on estimating and evaluating optimal individualized rules using instrumental variable methods. In the third dissertation project, we proposed to incorporate (vague) prior information into estimation under general models via Gamma-minimax estimation and proposed algorithms to construct such an estimator. In the current fourth project, we propose a sequentially doubly robust method to estimate the survival probability (potentially conditional on covariates) in the context where covariates of individuals are collected on a fixed time grid and independent censoring is assumed only when conditioning on the latest available covariates. This problem arose from Covid vaccine trials and may be of interest in general clinical trials.

I am also working with Dr. Jennifer Bobb as an RA at Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute on a cluster randomized trial.

I obtained my B.S. in Mathematics with minor Statistics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016.

I am "from" (depending on the definition of "from") Chengdu, China, a cloudy city known for its spicy food and pandas. During my spare time I usually stay indoors and rest.