Submit a Paper

Submit a paper

Plenum publishes high-quality work which contributes to larger conversations within Geography, whether that is addressing a gap in the literature, furthering current scholarship, or taking an innovative approach to existing scholarship.

Now accepting submissions from University of Washington students for our Spring issue.  Submission dates to be announced.

Send submissions to:

Criteria for submission:

1. Does the piece have a cohesive and well-thought-through argument?
2. Is the piece approachable and accessible to a broad audience?
3. Is the topic in dialog with recent and relevant scholarship?
4. Is the topic compelling?

Additional notes:

1. We accept submissions from all disciplines so long as the work reflects core themes of geography, such as spatial relationships and the importance of place. Not sure if your piece qualifies?  Submit it anyway!
2. Plenum published both original research as well as course term papers. Before submitting, please adjust your paper for your audience (e.g., defining any terms that may be course specific)

Formatting Requirements:

10-15 pages; 250-300 word abstract; Times New Roman, 12pt.; double spaced; 1 inch margins; Harvard citation style

While submissions can be longer or shorter than 10-15 pages, we will only publish papers within this range of length. If your submission is selected, we will work together to edit it down to an appropriate length.

The Fine Print:

If your piece is selected, you will meet with your assigned editor regularly over the course of the quarter preceding publication. We expect that you are interested in challenging yourself and your work to meet Plenum’s standards of quality, integrity, originality, and critical analytic thought.

Plenum reserves the right to not publish a piece that has been initially selected or edited during the quarter preceding publication.