Become an Editor

Become an editor

Our editors are involved in a diversity of activities that produce, support, and engage Plenum and the broader Plenum community. Editors work one-on-one with authors over a quarter long publication process. In this they offer constructive feedback as authors challenge themselves to develop the critical, creative, and dynamic qualities of their work. Editors are also actively involved in the social and academic networks that make Plenum possible. As a board, editors work to foster an engaged and diverse community that includes undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and department staff. They cultivate relationships within and across department levels which support the growth and sustainability of the Plenum community.

The range of roles and responsibilities in Plenum’s editorial positions presents an excellent opportunity to build skills and experiences that translate beyond your college courses. Working closely with individual authors will strengthen your editing, writing, and mentoring skills. As an editor, you will gain unique insight and experience in the academic publishing process. Through the Editorial Board, you will be engaged in creating and cultivating a unique community space in the Geography department and on campus. In this you will gain leadership and networking experience in a professional setting. As a producer and advocate of an undergraduate publication, you will be actively involved in supporting and promoting the work of your peers. Most importantly, you will make a meaningful contribution to Plenum’s mission to recognize and elevate undergraduate scholarship within broader academic conversation.

Are you a student at the University of Washington who is interested in becoming an editor? Email us at: