2013-2014 Editors

Richard is a senior double majoring in Geography with a focus on GIS, and Mathematics. He is currently working on an honors thesis regarding critical transportation GIS using King County Metro as a case study in order to develop a model that would minimize the impact budget cuts have on equity of service. In his spare time he likes to play video games, entertain his pet rats, and code.

Breanna is a senior and Geography major at the University of Washington with a focus on urban geography and social justice, especially as they relate to race, housing and sense of place. She hopes to continue on this path through urban planning or continued study of geography in the near future. In her spare time, she enjoys thrift shopping, exploring the city and appreciating Beyoncé.

Stella is a junior geography major. She is interested in feminist, urban and political geographies and more generally, issues of social justice and inequality. On the weekends you can find her skiing, kayaking or eating.

Jacob is a senior in the Geography department. His research interests are broad, and include urban and development geography and public health, In his spare time he likes to read, drink coffee, play guitar and swim, as well as listening to the Rolling Stones.