2012-2013 Editors

Sam is a senior in the Department of Geography. His focus as an undergraduate has been centered on understanding the intersections of technology, urban space, and inequality. When Sam isn’t on campus, he enjoys mountain climbing and adventuring in the Pacific Northwest.

Helen stumbled into Geography her first quarter at the UW and didn’t look back. Now a senior, she is majoring in  Geography and Public Health.  She hopes to continue studying the ways in which health disparities are created, maintained and discursively justified around the world.  She thinks she just might want to be a professor someday.

Jess is a fourth year Geography student at the University of Washington. While interested in absolutely anything to do with people, Jess focuses her academic work on urban social inequality, food sovereignty, and the study of alternative economies. One day she hopes to have coffee with Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

After coming to the University of Washington without a clear picture of where he wanted to take his education, Jeevon found the Geography Department. Since sophomore year, he has been immersed in the study of place, as well as urban studies and global health.  While his experiences abroad have been invaluable, Jeevon remains dedicated to studying social justice here in the United States.