What is PILA?

PILA is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting legal work that serves the public, and improves the quality of life for individuals in our community and elsewhere. To this end, PILA...
  • raises awareness about the need for and rewards of pro bono and full-time public interest legal work;
  • helps fund a Loan Repayment Assistance Program;
  • funds grants for UW law students doing unpaid public interest legal work through an annual auction.
PILA is now 20! Since 1994, PILA has over 200 public interest projects at organizations across the state and around the world.   Special note to alumni: Please click here to participate in the PILA Alumni Survey.

 Public Service Experience Database

If you're looking for information about a public service internship or externship, check out the Public Service Experience Database. (Note: you need to have a UW netid and log in to see this.) It will help you find out where other students and recent alumni have worked and help you get in touch with them to find out more about their experiences. If you've already done an intern/externship in public interest law, please consider adding yourself to the database so other students can contact you for information.

Congratulations to the 2014 PILA Grant Recipients!

Emily Elijah, King County Public Defense- SCRAP Division
Alexandra Revelas, Farmworker Justice
Andrea Frey, Northwest Justice Project: Medical/Legal Partnership
Sophie Jin, EarthRights International
Margaret Davis, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Kendra Miller, Colombia Legal Services
Tamara Gaffney, Alaska Public Defender Agency
Brendan Gaff, Northwest Justice Project
Angela Foster, King County Bar Association, Volunteer Legal Services
Tomer Vandsburger, Washington Defender Association
Jordan Taren, Columbia Legal Services
Erin Apte, Northwest Immigrant Rights Prioject
Aejung Yoon, Friends of Animals/ACLU of Nevada
John Marlow, Federal Public Defender for W. District of Washington
Daniel Cairns, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Brittany Tri, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Chris Pierce-Wright, Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Lauren Jacobs, Clark County Public Defender's Office
Wyatt Gjullin, EarthRights International (Peru)
Robert Franceschini, New York Legal Assistance Group
Max Burke, Washington AGO, Consumer Protection Division


Click here for more about PILA's Grant Program.

Attendees enjoy conversation at the 2012 PILA Auction.