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Lines of the Kappa Lambda Chapter

  1. The Phoenix better known as the Elite 8
  2. Machoman, Spring 1979. The 2 nd line to cross those burning sands, started with 16 young men, however only 14 crossed on June 9, 1979.
  3. Umoja, Spring 1980. The 3 rd line of Kappa Lambda Chapter, the line started with 18, yet only 16 found the light on June 5, 1980
  4. Sera Kuna, Spring 1981. The 1 st line of KL to start and end with the same number of Crescent pledges, they started with 6 and crossed 6 Brothers on June 4, 1981.
  5. Nia, Spring 1982. Started with 8 started and crossed 6 more Brothers June 9, 1982.
  6. Ujima, Winter 1984. The 6 th line of KL consisted of 2 Brothers that entered Sigmahood on March 3 rd , 1984.
  7. Kuumba, Spring 1985. Six Crescents started their way towards the Light, however, only 3 crossed to wear that “Royal Blue & Pure White” on June 6 th , 1985.
  8. Imani II, Spring 1986. Defined as Confidence, Conviction and Faith, started with 13 Crescents, however, only 11 Brothers crossed on May 30 th , 1986.
  9. Mehbreck, Spring 1988. The 9 th line to cross into the KL Klan, 3 crossed.
  10. Traja Kwanza, Spring 1990. Traja Kwanza or Kwansa Traja, is highlighted as the only joint line (University of Washington and University Idaho) in KL history. 5 Crescents, two from the Univ., of WA and 3 who were attending the University of Idaho, later went on to charter Alpha Alpha Zeta chapter at the University of Idaho.

· 1KL Spring '90 Bro. Latrell Sears, “Suga Bear

· 2KL Spring ‘90 Bro. Andre Duncan, “X Tha' Over Seaer”

  1. Ukowo, Winter 1991. Saw 2 Brothers cross the Sands
  2. Simba Moyo, Winter 1993. Started with 2 Crescents, however, only 1 found the Blue Light on February 27th, 1993. He was the first Crescent in KL history to cross Solo.

· 1KL Winter '93 Bro. Troy Palmer, “Mr. Flamboyant”

  1. Hadari Kobla, Summer 1993. Started with 4 and ended with 2 into the Light.

· 1KL Summer '93 Bro. Jeff Nelson

· 2KL Summer '93 Bro. Josh Cheatham

  1. Mito Nedgeukali, Spring 1997. Kappa Lambda Chapter was reestablished in the Spring of 1997, June 21, 1997 to be exact through a six month revitalization process with the help of the Epsilon Epsilon Sigma Chapter & the lovely Sorors of Kappa Nu Chapter, of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. The fruits of their labor bore 3 young visionaries with high ideals of days past.

· 1KL Spring '97 Bro. Clarence Dancer Jr., “Triiiple Threat”

· 3KL Spring '97 Bro. Jesse Weissman, “Suga' Stick”

· 4KL Spring '97 Bro. Jason T. Lombard, “Prime~Time”

  1. Kongwe Mruko, Summer 1997. Kappa Lambda Chapter added to it's Brotherhood on October 17,1997. Bro. Eldridge was the first Brother in Kappa Lambda history to role solo from start to finish. The fruits of his labor not only increased Kappa Lambda to four but also marked the first time in Kappa Lambda history that two consecutive lines had crossed in two consecutive quarters.

· 1KL Sum '97 Bro. Frederick K. Eldridge, “Phil@bust@”

  1. Majini Shindika, Winter 1998. Kappa Lambda Chapter again added to it's Brotherhood on April 11, 1998 with the birth of Majini Shindika. These fine gentlemen brought quality, depth and furthered distance Phi Beta Sigma from the competition.

· 1KL Winter '98 Bro. Leonard Haynes, “Alcatraz”

· 2KL Winter '98 Bro. Edmond Clark, “Dolemite”

· 3KL Winter '98 Bro. Jai Carter, “Kingpin”

· 4KL Winter '98 Bro. Solynn McCurdy, “Ragin' Bull”

  1. Askari Karnipia, Spring 1999. KL Chapter added 3 more to Knowledgeable Lunatik Klan. Starting with 5 but 3 only made their way to Sigma land.

· 2KL Spring '99 Bro. James Mackey, “Nitro”

· 3KL Spring '99 Bro. Antoine Montgomery, “Candyman”

· 4KL Spring '99 Bro. Robert Easterly, “Fourplay”

  1. Afa Jivi Empiya, Winter 2000. Kappa Lambda then led 3 more young gentlemen to the ways of brotherhood, scholarship and service. Starting with 5 but then 4 crossed in to the ways of “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity”.

· 1KL Winter 2000 Bro. Shantae Bembry, “Remixx”

· 3EES Winter 2000 Bro. Steve Banks, “Crossover”

· 4KL Winter 2000 Bro. Tony Montgomery, “X-Rated”

· 5KL Winter 2000 Bro. Marcus Harden. “Notorious M.A.B.”

  1. Marathi Ya Rithi, Spring 2001. On this day June 17 th , 2001 Father's day marked the start of a legacy to be continued through 4 more young gentlemen. Staring with 5 but ending with 4 into Sigma hood. The fruits of their labor dramatically increased the quality of help, concern, passion, and respect one has for their community. These eminent young men only furthered proved to lengthen their stride Phi Beta Sigma has over its competition. Through these young men it is apparent that the Sigma's truly run the yard of the University of Washington.

· 2KL Spring 2001 Bro. William Joseph Gregory Phillips “Fusion”

· 3KL Spring 2001 Bro. Joshua A. Fields “Apocalypse”

· 4KL Spring 2001 Bro. Jarman D. Hauser “Prolific”

         · 5KL Spring 2001 Bro. Darnell Sampier “Tombstone”

20.  Mwana Ya Sakama Winter 2003. On this day March 15th, 2003, four more young men with the purpose to commit to the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship and service found there way into the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  Starting with 6 and ending with 4, the Kappa Lambda Chapter is proud to have the edition of these young men that completed their journey across those heated sands. 

· 3KL Winter 2003 Bro. Phillippe Cook “Mercury”

· 4KL Winter 2003 Bro. Anthony Rose  “Unbreakable”

· 5EES Winter 2003 Bro. Anthony Shoecraft “Revival”

         · 6KL Winter 2003 Bro. Ty Eriks “Ghostface”





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