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Active members Members who maintain financial status through paying dues. Those who do not are known as Inactive .

Grad A member of the organization that has graduated from college and continues to stay active with the organization by way of a graduate or alumni chapter.

Grad-Graduate-Alumni Chapter 1) A collective group of graduated members that maintain financial status; 2) The advisory support of the undergraduate chapter.

"Greek" An abbreviated term for a Greek-lettered organization or member.

I.F.C. Inter-Fraternal Council; the governing body for the predominantly white fraternities.

Informational-Smoker-Rush An informal gathering held by an organization to familiarize people with the members, ideals, and other points of interest. *Note* Non-Greeks should be aware that some Greek members will use functions like these to patronize interested students.

M.I.P. Membership Intake Process; the process adopted by the NPHC and all of its members in the early 1990's to put an end to dangerous rites of passage (known as hazing) and hazing deaths. *Note* Hazing is illegal in our organizations AND in United State's courts of law.

NPHC, or "The Pan" The National Pan-Hellenic Council; the governing body for the nine Historically Black Greek-Letter Organizations (HBGLO). The organization was founded in 1930 and houses our fraternities and sororities together.

"Nalia", or "Perry" Two abbreviated terms for paraphernalia. Shirts, paddles, license plates, jewelry, etc. Abbreviations differ regionally.

Neo An abbreviated term for the Greek word Neophyte , meaning beginner. A neophyte is someone who is new to the organization.

NPC National Panhellenic Conference; the governing body for the predominantly white sororities.

*info from the Temple of Blue




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