The Orator, Volume 6 (2011)

Full Issue [PDF]

  • "Ferdinand Marcos: Apotheosis of the Philippine Historical Tradition." by Nicole CuUnjieng.[PDF]
  • "The Political Price of Economic Security: Breaking the financial Oligarchy." by Jonathan Y. Kim.[PDF]
  • "Psychology, Risk and the Decision to Launch the Persian Gulf War." by Ty Otto.[PDF]
  • "Israeli Politics in the Aftermath of the "Failed Experiment."" by Mark Salomon.[PDF]

The Orator, Volume 5 (2010)

Full Issue [PDF]

  • "Role of History in the Construction of Identity: National Socialism's Appropriation of the German Romantic Ideals." by Ryan Torpie.[PDF]
  • Private Military Contractors: Shifting International Norms Regarding Mercenaries in 21st Century Warfare"." by Justin Dugyon.[PDF]
  • "Arms Control in Dynamic Situations: A Study of the Washington treaty System." by Justin Rohrer.[PDF]
  • "Legitimacy in Contemporary China: Maintaining the Legitimacy of an Authoritarian State." by Anne McGinnis.[PDF]

The Orator, Volume 4 (2009)

  • "The European Military-Industrial Complex: Addressing the Determinants of European Military-Industrial Capacity." by Won Steinbach.[PDF]
  • "Redistribution and Recognition within the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Theory of Justice as it Pertains to the Palestinian Citizens of Israel." by Ivan Panchenko.[PDF]
  • "Making or Breaking U.S.-Russia Relations: The Potential for American ABM Policy to Change the World Dynamic." by Anthony J. Hartman.[PDF]
  • "Peace Corps Prime: Reassessing the Role of the Peace Corps in American Foreign Policy." by Quinn Majeski.[PDF]

The Orator, Volume 3 (2008)

  • "Lebanese Political Dynamics: Do Anti-American Attitudes Coincide with anti-Democratic Attitudes?" by Rachel M. Gillum.[PDF]
  • "Missile Defense in Central Europe: the View from Moscow." by Victoria Stephanova.[PDF]
  • "Media in China: Methods of State Control." by Vi L. Nhan.[PDF]
  • "New Solutions to Old Problems: A Non-Partisan Approach to Immigration through Assimilation." by Kamil Jachec.[PDF]
  • "Polis and Participation: Jefferson Had it Right." by Sarah Church.[PDF]
  • "Liberal Values and Question of Tolerance." by Graham Griffiths.[PDF]
  • "The Tragedy of Trade: A Critical Look at the Ecuadorian Banana Industry Through the Context of International Human Rights Legislation." by Kristiane Skolmen. [PDF]

The Orator, Volume 2 (2007)

Full Issue [PDF]

  • "Hezbollah: A Rising Threat in the Middle East." by Rachel M. Gillum.[PDF]
  • "The Rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party in India." by Joseph D. DiSilvio[PDF]
  • "Black America: The Perilous Path to Equal Rights." by Jay Singh.[PDF]
  • "Civilian Participation and Respected Culture: A Comparative Analysis of the Democratization and Subsequent Governments of Benin and Cameroon." by Holly Lange.[PDF]
  • "Korea and Taiwan: The Politicization of Constitutional Courts: Establishing Judicial Independence in South Korea." by Jing-Lan Lee.[PDF]
  • "Arizona's Citizen Clean Elections Act/ Campaign Finance Reform." by Danielle Bernard.[PDF]
  • "French Cultural Protectionism." by Jessica Harrison.[PDF]
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