Natalie E. Sheils
Visiting Assistant Professor/ School of Mathematics / University of Minnesota

About Me

Currently I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. I earned my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington in 2015 under the direction of Bernard Deconinck. My thesis was on analytic solutions of interface problems using the Unified Transform (Fokas) Method. More information on my current research can be found on my research page.

Prior to studying at UW I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a specialization in Applied Mathematics at Seattle University. I worked with John Carter on the stability of two-dimensional soltion solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

I am from Boise, Idaho and my younger sister is a professional golfer. I enjoy running with my dog Bosco and cooking with my husband. I love being outside and when not working on research problems I often get sidetracked by craft projects.

Contact Information

Office/ Vincent Hall


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