Neurosci Outreach News


Special thanks to Bryan White

Wed, January 13th, 2010

Bryan White, one of the Neurobiology and Behavior Community Outreach founders, defended his thesis recently. We are not sure of his immediate future plans, but just in case we don’t get the chance, thank you, Bryan, for everything you have done for the Outreach group! Since before the group was formed, Bryan has devoted himself to making neurobiology and science, in general, available to children and adults. He has spent countless hours working with school teachers and conducting his own research to devise how best to convey complex concepts to grade schoolers and ignite in them the passion to pursue the answers to their ever-present question, “Why?”. Bryan was a pioneer in recognizing that community outreach is not only a necessity, but a rewarding venture through which we can inspire the next generation of scientists. It would not have been possible to forge and nurture the evolution of this organization without him. We thank Bryan for sharing his contagious enthusiasm and enduring passion for educating children with us. His amazing talents made us an enormous success right from the beginning. Bryan, we thank you and we hope to continue your legacy.

About the video:
This is a rare footage during the rehearsal that took place in the summer of 2006. Hiro needed to test audio on his camera and so Bryan and Jonathan agreed to do a mock-run of the Magic Water exhibit. Notice how Bryan pulls it off with brilliant examples and explanations even though it was completely impromptu.