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Lowell Elementary School Visit

Thu, October 8th, 2009

On October 8, 2009, Sean Georgi, Karina Leal, Ben Smarr, and Brynn Lydum visited Mrs. Roth's 5th Grade class at Lowell Elementary on Capitol Hill. For Brynn, it was her first visit back to the school since she went there as a 5th grader herself! After a short overview of the brain, its functions, and its anatomy, students were broken into groups and got to participate in six of our BAW presentations: prism goggles, temperature effect, optical illusions, Alien audio, comparative neuroanatomy, and protecting your brain. By all measures it was a success, and although many of the students already knew a great deal about the brain thanks to Mrs. Roth's teaching, and their own parents (several kids have local neuroscientists or doctors as parents), our hands-on activities were a hit and helped reinforce important concepts. Thanks for everyone's hard work!