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BAW: Teachers share their thoughts

Tue, March 17th, 2009

From the desk of Dr. Eric Chudler:

• Thank you VERY much for the great experience last Wednesday! Brain Awareness is easily our greatest field trip of the year (and we take a lot of them)! The exhibits were many and varied, and so interesting for the kids. Many of them mentioned your lecture, and specifically, your sense of humor as a presenter! I really appreciate you having us there. MANY thanks!

• We had an awesome time! Thank you SO much for putting this on! Your presentation was fantastic. You're an excellent speaker, and kept the attention of my (rather young) kids the entire time. Very interactive, very informative, very educational, very fun! And the exhibits - WOW! What can I say? Super cool, super exciting. Everyone helping/volunteering there seemed to enjoy talking to and working with the kids.

• Thank you and your associates for providing this wonderful educational opportunity. Our 5th graders were fascinated, investigating almost every exhibit. Our parent chaparones enjoyed it just as much and were very impressed with the breadth and quality of the demonstrations and information.

• Thank you for all your hard work. Parents raved about this also! As one of my kids said when we entered the room....."I'm nervous about it, but I think I'll regret it the rest of my life if I don't hold a human brain!"

• The Brain Awareness Open House was amazing! The students were absolutely so excited and engaged in learning about so many aspects of the brain. Your presentation was fascinating, and each of the activities was incredible. I know that you gave a lot of time and work to bring this day about. Many thanks to you and to each of the university students leading the activities!

• Thank you so much for allowing our class to join in on the educational and enjoyable Brain Awareness Open House. Everything about the morning was extremely engaging. I greatly appreciated how your big people interacted with my little people. This was a most memorable experience.