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Hamster, anyone?

Tue, October 7th, 2008

Stephanie’s hamster Peebers is currently looking for a new home. Do you know anyone who could take care of him? Here’s what the new owner has to look forward to:

"Peebers is just over a year old, he's very furry and a little fat. He has a lot of different browns in his coat. He is very friendly and fun to play with. He comes with a cage with a wheel and a ball to put him in so he can run around the classroom (and whatever food and bedding we have left). While we've had him out of the cage, he's never peed or pooped on us or on the floor. His favorite snack is carrots and nuts. He has escaped once when he was very young, but he was easily rescued from underneath the stove. If you have him out too long, he tries to escape but he's really not that fast and is easy to catch. He likes trying to hide in darker places (under furniture and in corners). He is quite playful."