Video demos

University of Washington, Seattle


Intro: Three Challenges

We identify three challenges in teaching young students about how sensory systems work.  Our exhibits  are designed specifically with these challenges in mind.

McGurk Effect Demo

What did he say?  Trick your brain with this demo that shows what you hear is influenced by what you see.

Prism Goggles Demo

Wearing prism goggles shifts your vision.  This demo shows that what you see guides your movement.  Watch how quickly students get used to wearing prism goggles; it demonstrates the brain’s remarkable ability to adapt to altered visual input.

Mirror Drawing Demo

Can you trace a star on a paper quickly?  How easy is it to keep the lines straight and angles sharp?  Not so easy when you can see only through a mirror.

Temperature Demo

Students place both hands into a bowl containing water at room temperature.  Both hands should feel the same temperature.  Or should they?  This demo shows that what we feel is relative to what we felt before.

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