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“It’s the first time I touched a human brain. That was pretty amazing...
and my son is fascinated by everything!”

 Parent, Brain Awareness Week Open House

Thank you.

Our ability to study and do research depends on support from taxpayers like you.  We want to take this opportunity to say thanks. Let us share our passion and knowledge with you and your family.

How neuroscience helps you

Do you know someone with a cochlear implant?

Taking medicine for Parkinson’s?

Getting treatment for dyslexia?

Chances are that you or someone you know has been directly impacted by neuroscience research.

Through outreach, we talk about the societal impact of our research and dispel some common neuroscience myths.

Options for Seattle area residents

Health Sciences Open House

Every other April, thousands of local families and high school students visit UW to learn about the health sciences-related work that is carried out on campus.

Life Sciences Week

During this four day event held every November, we host interactive exhibits for you and your family at the Pacific Sciences Center in Seattle. 

Are you organizing an event and want a someone on hand to talk about neuroscience research or answer questions?  Ask us to visit!

Would you like to hear more about advancements in neuroscience that are happening at the University of Washington?  We are currently preparing a public seminar series.  Stay tuned!

An introduction to neuroscience for the general public is provided for free by the Society for Neuroscience

Read about research success stories on everything from alcoholism to stroke

Learn about your hearing by taking a tour of the auditory system

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Get fun brain-related merchandise for you and your family!

University of Washington, Seattle

The Brain Question

What’s the one thing you wish you knew about the brain?  Ask your brain question today!
“What’s the one thing you wish you knew about the brain?”

Support Us!

We are a group of volunteers who provide community services for free from Seattle to over 40 countries via the Internet. But supplies and equipment cost money and we would love to get your help!  Find out how you can help.

Neurosci Community Outreach