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Who doesn’t like fresh made Krispy Kreme with coffee in a rainy day?

In order to better serve you, NAAAP-UW is going to sell Krispy Kreme and complimentary coffee free with purchase on Red Sqaure from april 8-10, 10:30am-2:30pm
$1/donuts( free coffee) CASH ONLY
$10/dozen( free coffee) Option: CASH, Cards.

All money raised will go to funds for future NAAAP-UW events.
Much appreciated and see you on Red Square!! :)

Upcoming NAAAP UW Events

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Annie JoDate Posted: 2014-08-06
NAAAP Home Depot "Tools for Success" Scholarships are available to undergraduate students interested in attending the 2014 NAAAP National Convention! Deadline to apply is August 11, 2014
Rain RWDate Posted: 2014-07-23
台灣同鄉會及FAPA舉辦夏日烤肉,邀請雞排妹到場協助宣傳台灣公民運動 時間:8月3日1730-2030 地點:5900 Aurora Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103(Lower Woodland Park Shelter # 6) 費用:每人10 USD,當天當場報名繳費即可
Rain RWDate Posted: 2014-07-03
Students can get 50% discount in this TAC/WC conference.
Tony Thai-Bao VoDate Posted: 2014-05-27
Hey NAAAP, if you all are free tmrw come to the last Social Mixer with ASC - Spring 2014 tmrw at 5PM, free food & games on us!
Rain RWDate Posted: 2014-05-15
Northwestern Simonette"Taiwan Premiere" Starts tomorrow 明天開場! Please let us know if you still need tickets! 這次很難得的演奏「思想起」 票還有剩!! 需要的請跟我們聯絡 謝謝!!!