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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UW Soccer Club?

Officially Men’s Soccer at the University of Washington, we are students that desire to continue play at a competitive level. The club is an RSO (Registered Student Organization) and receives modest funding from the UW. Run by us students, we hold our own tryouts, practices, and choose what league(s) to participate in. The largest benefit to the club is meeting and playing with other Huskies of a similar skill level, and that we are given practice time on the IMA field to use as we like.

How can I be a part of the UW Club?

We hold tryouts at the beginning of Autumn Quarter. If you missed tryouts or did not make the team, we encourage you to stay up to date by following our public Facebook page and message us privately to set up opportunities to join practices.

Does the club play club teams from other schools?

During Autumn and Spring Quarter the Purple Team is part of the WCSA (West Coast Soccer Association) League and competes to attend Club Regionals and Nationals. They compete in GSSL during Winter Quarter. The Gold Team will participate in friendly games during Autumn Quarter, followed by GSSL during Winter and Spring Quarter.

Are there costs associated with the club?

All players playing in games pay $100 per quarter while those who just practice pay $50 per quarter.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are always held on the first Thursday, Tuesday, and following Thursday of Autumn Quarter. They will be held on the IMA Sports Field #3, just North of the IMA, beginning at 8:00pm

What do I need for tryouts?

A dark and a white shirt. DON’T WEAR STRIPES OR CHECKERED SHIRTS. Leave your Juventus jerseys at home, and no reds, yellows, or other colors. Cleats. Water.

How good do you have to be to make it?

Player skill varies, but most of the club team plays at a community college to NCAA D2 level. We are interested in complete players. Decision-making, awareness, positioning, and communication are necessary to be successful with the club team. We are less interested in players with high technical ability who lack the above qualities.

When are practices?

8-10PM at IMA FIELD #3 (next to the IMA) every Tuesday and Thursday except during midterms and finals.

When does the club play its games?

Purple Team will play mostly during the weekend and might have to miss some school days depending on attendance of Regionals and Nationals. Gold Team will always play on the weekends.