We’re doing custom T-shirts next week (2/3) so if you plan on making a T-shirt then please fill out the poll on our Facebook page for the appropriate color and size that you would like or you can email with size and color. Also, have a vector or picture ready to put on the shirt, Either have it on a flash drive or just remember what site you found it on. T-Shirts and print are $10 or if you want to bring your own shirt then it’s just $2 for the print. T-shirt and print included in Friendship express. We’ll also be doing some background pony bingo on the side.

See you there!



We’ll be continuing our perler bead ponies tonight from last week. It’s not too late to start a new one. It’s included in Friendship Express or $2 without. We have plenty of templates for popular characters but you’re welcome to find an existing template online or make your own.

We’ll be meeting in Dempsey 024 at 6pm as usual. Check out the Facebook page to add to the Youtube playlist.

Welcome back from Winter Break!

The first meeting of the quarter will be held today from 6-8 PM in Savery Hall 164. Our permanent meeting room for the quarter should be finalized within the next week. If we need to move rooms before the meeting starts, I’ll post an update.

EDIT: Moved to SAV 166

Don’t forget: tonight is Giggle at the Ghostly! The party runs from 7 to 10 in the HUB Games Room in the basement. Admission is $5 and includes entrance, food, and participation in any of our contests. Bring a costume, bring a friend, bring your competitive spirit!

The contests include:
-Costume Contest (one pony-related, one non-pony related)
-Trivia (one easier round, one harder round)

See you there!

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