This week there will be a Electronic Music Making tutorial presented by John. He’ll be talking about his process in making music in FL Studio. You can download a demo for free at: An 8-bit free-ware called “Open-MPT” which you can get here will also be used. There are also several plugins and samples that will be used which you can download here. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of either program, just have the programs and materials installed and ready.
If you won’t be taking part in the tutorial you can help cut out the print for the giant Rarity that we’re making for Comicon.
See you there!

The meeting tonight is going to be at our regular time and place (Dempsey 024 at 6pm). We will be doing some cupcake decorating for Hearts and Hooves day. Cupcakes are $1 each and if you have Friendship express that pays for 2 cupcakes. We will also be having guest night which means we will be watching some other cartoon shows like Gravity Falls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends etc. As always check out the Facebook page to post some videos to the playlist to play at the meeting and vote for which shows to watch for guest night. See you there!


The meeting tomorrow (2/10) will be located in the HUB RSO office. Same time (6-8pm). The RSO office is next to the HUB front desk. This will be for the laminator that we will be using to make the miniature ponies tomorrow. This activity is free. We will have some pre-selected vectors to choose from but you are welcome to use one you find.

For those who did not have the opportunity to finish their T-shirts from last week we will have the print ready tomorrow to iron onto the T-shirts. If you did not get your images in yet please send them to Reid​ so that he can print them and bring them to the meeting.

We might have a laptop up to show playlist videos and episodes so you can paste some videos on the Facebook page post just in case.

     We’re doing custom T-shirts next week (2/3) so if you plan on making a T-shirt then please fill out the poll on our Facebook page for the appropriate color and size that you would like or you can email with size and color. Also, have a vector or picture ready to put on the shirt, Either have it on a flash drive or just remember what site you found it on. T-Shirts and print are $10 or if you want to bring your own shirt then it’s just $2 for the print. T-shirt and print included in Friendship express. We’ll also be doing some background pony bingo on the side.

See you there!



We’ll be continuing our perler bead ponies tonight from last week. It’s not too late to start a new one. It’s included in Friendship Express or $2 without. We have plenty of templates for popular characters but you’re welcome to find an existing template online or make your own.

We’ll be meeting in Dempsey 024 at 6pm as usual. Check out the Facebook page to add to the Youtube playlist.