Tabling schedule for this Thursday and Friday!

This is a bare minimum. If you are free and want to help out with tabling, please feel free to join those scheduled in muffin selling!

If you signed up to table, please table the hours you are scheduled for or get someone else to cover them for you. It is ideal to always have two people at the table and a reminder that there must ALWAYS be an officer at the table.

We scheduled three people for the first and last half-hour shifts to help with set up and tear down.

Please fill out doodle poll information for next week and we will get that schedule out ASAP.


~This message brought to you from Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Due to scheduling conflicts with other clubs, equipment reservations, and weather plans, tabling was pushed back and will now be from Thursday to Wednesday (Oct 16 – Oct 22). Please update your doodle poll information so that we can reschedule when you would be able to help. We plan to release a schedule tonight for the upcoming week.