Welcome To My Home Page:

My name is Mikko Juan. Star Wars fanatic and college student. I am a student at UW Bothell studying electrical engineering. I hope to get into the computer engineering program on the Seattle campus, but I'm okay with electrical engineering if that does not work out. I'm also an aspiring actor and singer, and hoping to make it big on both Hollywood and Broadway!

About This Site

This is a webpage dedicated to showcasing some of the work I did in my BCUSP 110 class. And here they are!

My values:

This was what I wrote about what I value during first week of class.

My Exercises:

Homework 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

I'm pretty proud of these ones ;)

Exercise 9

In Summary:

I'm lovin' every minute of the college life! Especially my Digital Thinking class ;-)