Mia Minhyang Suh 서민향
Research, design, and build interactions between people and technology
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I am a PhD candidate in Human Centered Design and Engineering at University of Washington.

I explore how people integrate various technologies into their daily lives and how the technologies could help people physically and psychologically healthier as well as socially more connected. I am currently researching on contextual factors that affect people's motivation such as time and location. I understand how time and location affect people's motivation and explore the design space to utilize contextual motivation in technologies. My research translates social science theories into design, which would engender novel impacts on a wide range of technology products and services.

I work with Gary Hsieh in the Prosocial Computing Lab. I am also a member of the Design-Use-Build (DUB) group. Previously, I graduated from Seoul National University in South Korea, majoring in Communication for M.A., and English Language and Literature for B.A.

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UX Methods: A/B testing (Amazon Mechanical Turk), affinity diagraming, card sorting, competitive analysis, content analysis, contextual inquiry, design probe, ethnography, experiments (field, online), eye-tracking, focus group, heuristic evaluation, interview, participatory design, survey design, statistical analysis, storyboards, thematic analysis, usability testing, wire-framing

Data Analysis & Tools : Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/XD, Axure, Balsamiq, AMOS, Dedoose, InVision, R, SPSS, SQL, Tobii Eye-tracker
I have strong quantitative and qualitative research background
that I have been strengthened by working with various individuals and organizations
University of Washington
PhD Researcher
2013 - 2019 (Expected)
Led studies using interviews, surveys, online & field experiments, statistical analysis, eye-tracking studies, generative and evaluative design workshops to understand how to better utilize contextual information to increase user engagement
Oath (Yahoo)
Academic Collaborator
2018 - 2019
Led a study conducting competitive analysis, expert interviews, and user interviews to understand people’s finance goal and practices, working with Yahoo Finance Team
Oath (Yahoo)
UX Research Intern
Summer 2017
Led generative and usability testing studies on a mobile app product, closely working with designers; Used web analytics to conduct log data analysis on product usage, closely working with engineers
UX Research Intern
Summer 2016
Designed and led a study using survey, diary study, in-home interview using a design probe to understand the design space nurturing social connection
University of Washington
Teaching Assistant
2013 - present
Assisted in teaching 10 undergraduate and master courses ranging from 10 to 200 students; Managed and led academic research teams consisting of designers and researchers
National Research
Foundation of Korea
Graduate Researcher
Assisted academic research to understand online trust formed by different types of social interactions; Conducted statistical analysis using survey data
Hanjin Shipping
Sales Representative
2009 - 2011
Sold space in container ships and provided shipping-container services; Interpersonally managed 200+ business customers ; Created market reports
University of Washington
Ph.D. Human Centered Design & Engineering 2013 - 2019
Seoul National University
M.A. Communication 2011 - 2013
Seoul National University
B.A. English Language & Literature
2003 - 2009
Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Frank Bentley, Danielle Lottridge (2018). “It’s Kind of Boring Looking at Just the Face”: How Teens Multitask During Mobile Videochat, CSCW 2018 [PDF]

Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Gary Hsieh (2018). "The “Had Mores”: Exploring Korean Immigrants’ Information Behavior and ICTs Usage when Settling in the United States", JASIST 2018[PDF]

Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Nathalie Henry Riche, Jooyoung Lee, Juho Kim, & Mark Zachry. (2018). Collaborative Dynamic Queries: Supporting Distributed Small Group Decision-making, CHI 2018[PDF] 

Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Gary Hsieh (2016). Designing for Future Behaviors: The Effect of Temporal Distance on Planned Behaviors, CHI 2016 [PDF]

Shih-Wen Huang, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Benjamin Mako Hill, & Gary Hsieh (2015). How Activists are Both Born and Made: An Analysis of Users on Change.org, CHI 2015 [PDF]

Soonwook Choi, Dongwhan Kim, Jinhan Choi, Minhyang Suh, & Joonhwan Lee (2015). The Change in Game Space: Visualization on Appropriation and Tour in Space, Journal of Cybercommunication Korea. 32, 1, 121-164. [Link]

Eun-mee Kim, Banya Kim, Minhyang Suh(2014). Interpersonal Trust on the Internet and Social Trust. Korean Journal of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Studies. 47, 7. [Link]
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