University of Washington
Computer Science | Human-Centered Design & Engineering


As a Student

My computer science and HCDE coursework have provided unique opportunities to apply my diverse interests in STEM, arts, and social sciences to solving contemporary problems. Beyond college, I hope to pursue a Masters and/or PhD with a focus on computer science education, programming language research, and/or computational protein-folding research.

As an Employee

In case my resume doesn’t hint at it, I’m a curious, goal-oriented problem-solver with an added passion for teaching and mentoring. I have found my jack-of-all-trades nature to be especially useful in being able to approach problems in different industries, integrating my experience in another. In the near future, I am seeking an opportunity for a summer or winter software engineering internship at an established company leading innovation in tomorrow's technology.

As a Human Being

I seek for opportunities that present challenge and intellectual reward, welcome curiosity and ultimately make a difference in society. In my free time, I’m either studying a new programming language, solving logic puzzles, or finding new things to learn, all with fresh coffee in hand and my four-legged friend at my side.



Bob Bandes Teaching Award for Computer Science - 2016

Grace Hopper Scholarship Recipient - 2016

Denice Dee Denton Endowment Recipient - 2016-17

Washington Research Fellowship Awardee - 2016-17

Battle Stats

Technical Skills

Object-oriented programming:

  • 1500+ lines written in Java
  • 250-500 lines written in Ruby

Front-End Web Development:

  • 1000+ lines written each in:
    • HTML/CSS
    • JS with libraries and REST API's

Back-End Web Development:

  • 500+ lines written in PHP
  • 250-500 lines written in Python (with REST API's) and JSP

Functional Programming:

  • 250-500 lines written each in:
    • SML
    • Racket/Scheme

Technical copywriting

E-commerce inventory management (Magento platform)


Avid problem solver


Strong work ethic

Takes directions well

Values constructive feedback and continual improvement

Diverse, but strong skillset to help solve a variety of problems in both conventional and non-conventional ways

Thinks both inside and outside the box


STEM Education and Mentorship

Educational Technology

Programming language design and implementation

Finite state automata

Search engine optimization

Computational biology (protein-folding)

Neural networks

Improving command line skills

Customizing .vimrc and .bashrc

Logic Puzzles

Getting 100% on Puzzle, Adventure, and Time Management Video Games