Article I - Name

Section 1:
In order to provide a representative organization for the residents of McCarty Hall, we hereby establish this council under the name of McCarty Connection, hereafter referred to throughout this constitution as MC2.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1:
The purpose of MC2 shall be to:
  1. Coordinate, plan, and implement activities and events deemed pertinent to residents of McCarty Hall;
  2. Appropriate MC2 funds;
  3. Provide a forum for resident input on residential and University issues;
  4. Act as the representative body and a liaison between residents and other University organizations;
  5. Give residents of McCarty Hall an opportunity to get involved in their hall community.

Article III - Membership

Section 1:
All residents of McCarty Hall are eligible for membership in MC2 General Council.

Article IV - General Council

Section 1:
General Council shall consist of the MC2 Executive Council, McCarty Resident Director (RD), McCarty Resident Advisors, House Representatives, McCarty Hall Residents and their guests.
Section 2:
General Council shall meet once a week unless holidays or issues prohibit.
  1. Regular meeting times and locations shall be established by the current Executive Council.
  2. All meetings shall be open to participation by McCarty Hall residents.
  3. Non-residents are welcome to observe and participate but are prohibited from voting in McCarty issues.
Section 3:
Each House of McCarty shall have at least two representatives to General Council. A House consists of two floors, an odd and an even (i.e. first and second north). A House Representative will:
  1. Help to keep the attendance of General Council stable by attending and participating at each meeting in its entirety;
  2. Help to keep quorum which in turn benefits Floor and Hall funding proposals;
  3. Plan, coordinate, and recruit residents to organize and attend House and Hall functions;
  4. Act as a liaison between their House and General Council
  5. Have the opportunity to meet other residents in the Hall and take an investment in program/activities in the Hall.

Article V - Executive Council

Section 1:
Executive Council shall be composed of Executive Officers, the RD, and co-advisors to the RD. The Executive Council will meet prior to each General Council Meeting.
Section 2:
The purpose of the Executive Council shall be to:
  1. Review the issues of previous meetings;
  2. Develop an agenda for General Council Meetings;
  3. Discuss any new proposals, ideas, projects or issues to bring up during General Council;
  4. Discuss short term and long range planning for McCarty Hall;
  5. Promote MC2.

Article VI - Executive Board

Section 1: Officers of MC2
The officers of the Executive Board and their duties are as follows.
  1. President
    1. The purpose of the President is to serve as the Chief Executive of MC2.
    2. The duties of the President are to:
      1. Chair and set agendas for General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      2. Co-chair Casino Night Committee, and other annual hall event committees;
      3. Act as an ex-officio member in all MC2 committees;
      4. Facilitate an evaluation of the Executive Board at the end of each quarter;
      5. Attend President's Roundtable meetings;
      6. Meet weekly with the MC2 advisor;
      7. Act as official representative of MC2;
      8. Maintain a working relationship with campus organizations, especially RHSA, ASUW, and HFS;
      9. Attend Presidential training in the fall.
  2. Vice President
    1. The purpose of the Vice President is to oversee all constitutional operations of MC2.
    2. The duties of the Vice President are to:
      1. Act as President when the President is unable to perform hall council duties;
      2. Act as Parliamentarian;
      3. Supervise and support all MC2 committees;
      4. Act as an ex-officio member in all MC2 Committees;
      5. Organize and communicate with floor representatives;
      6. Coordinate the election of all executive officers.
  3. Administration Director
    1. The purpose of the Administration Director is to perform all clerical duties of MC2.
    2. The duties of the Administration Director are to:
      1. Record and distribute the meetings of all MC2 General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      2. Take quorum at MC2 General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      3. Notify the Executive Board if any member is nearing their limit for missed meetings;
      4. Maintain mailing lists for MC2, committees, and the Executive Board;
      5. Handle all hall legislation;
      6. Maintain a current roster of all Executive Board members, and provide that info to the RHSA Administrative Manager;
      7. Register MC2 with RHSA, ASUW, and SAO, completing all necessary paperwork;
      8. Ensure maintenance of the MC2 website.
  4. Financial Director
    1. The purpose of the Financial Director is to oversee all financial matters of MC2.
    2. The duties of the Financial Director are to:
      1. Record the income and expenditures of MC2;
      2. Report on the financial status of MC2 at all General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      3. Present all pending funding proposals at each General Council meeting;
      4. Establish deadlines for funding proposals;
      5. Communicate with applicants the status of their funding proposal;
      6. Ensure that all funded programs fulfill funding guidelines;
      7. Complete and return all petty cash forms within ten days to the purchaser.
  5. Publicity Director
    1. The purpose of the Publicity Director is to promote all MC2 events and programs, both inside and outside the hall.
    2. The duties of the Publicity Director are to:
      1. Ensure that all MC2 programs are well publicized;
      2. Create posters and flyers for events and meetings;
      3. Create and ensure distribution of an MC2 newsletter;
      4. Recognize residents and RAs, especially through NRHH;
  6. Events Director
    1. The purpose of the Events Director is to facilitate the planning and execution of all MC2 events and programs.
    2. The duties of the Events Director are to:
      1. Assist and encourage Executive Board members and other residents to implement programs;
      2. Co-chair Casino Night Committee, and other annual hall event committees;
      3. Work with the Vice President to facilitate programming committees;
      4. Report on programming progress at all General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      5. Maintain the hall events calendar;
  7. RHSA Representative
    1. The purpose of an RHSA Representative is to act as a liaison between MC2 and RHSA.
    2. The number of RHSA representatives for MC2 is determined by the RHSA constitution
    3. The duties of an RHSA Representative are specified in the RHSA constitution.
    4. A Head RHSA Representative will be selected by the Executive Board whose additional duties are to:
      1. Report on RHSA business to the MC2 General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      2. Report on MC2 business to the RHSA General Council;
      3. Present a hard copy of any RHSA legislation needing approval of MC2 General Council.
  8. ASUW Senator
    1. The purpose of an ASUW Senator is the act as a liaison between MC2 and the ASUW Student Senate.
    2. The number of ASUW Senators for MC2 is determined by the RHSA constitution.
    3. The duties of an ASUW Senator are to:
      1. Represent MC2 and its interests at ASUW meetings;
      2. Designate a proxy if the ASUW senator cannot attend an ASUW Student Senate meeting.
      3. Report on pertinent ASUW business to the MC2 General Council and Executive board.
      4. Present a hard copy of pertinent ASUW legislation at MC2 General Council meetings.
      5. Perform other duties as assigned by ASUW Student Senate.
  9. Advisor
    1. The purpose of the Advisor is to act as a resource and advisor to MC2.
    2. The Advisor is a non-voting member of the Executive Board.
    3. The duties of the Advisor are to:
      1. Attend General Council and Executive Board meetings;
      2. Advise the Executive Board on all HFS rules and policies;
      3. Act as a neutral consultant to MC2 and its members;
      4. Meet weekly with the MC2 President;
      5. Act as a liaison to HFS;
Section 2: Common duties
In addition to duties specified for each position, all Executive Board members are expected to do the following, unless specifically stated otherwise in the position's duties:
  1. Attend all General Council and Executive Board meetings;
  2. Properly notify the Executive Board of any absences from meetings;
  3. Compile a report of your experiences at the end of your term to aid in the transition to the next officer to hold your position;
  4. Support programming by all hall councils and RHSA.
Section 3: Elections and Term of Office
  1. Eligibility
    1. Each candidate must be a resident or intended resident of McCarty Hall during their time in office.
    2. Hall advisory staff may not serve on Executive Board.
  2. The hall council will elect the President and Vice President for the following year by the 8th week of spring quarter.
  3. The hall council will elect all other officers by the 3rd week of autumn quarter.
  4. Every position's term of office will expire at the end of each school year.

Article VII - Executive Office

Section 1:
An individual may hold only one office at a time and may not hold the same office for more than one complete term.
Section 2:
Officers shall hold office for the entire academic year or until resignation.
Section 3:
In the event that the President is unable to perform their duties, the Vice President of Budget and Finance shall act as President until the President is able to resume their duties.
Section 4:
Officers must provide two weeks notice to the Executive Council of intentions to resign. Upon notification, nominations and elections will occur at an upcoming General Council Meeting.

Article VIII - Proposals

Section 1: Eligibility to Receive Funding

For a House to be eligible to receive funding from MC2, that House must be in Good Standing. Any organization or event other than those of McCarty Hall (i.e. Residence Halls, University events, etc.) must be a University organization or affiliated with the University in some way.

  1. Good Standing/Bad Standing
    1. A House in attendance shall consist of at least two eligible voters such as House Representatives and/or House residents. This does not include MC2 Executive Board members, RAs, or the RD. If a House is not in attendance for two or more consecutive weeks, that House is considered in Bad Standing and will be informed that it is not eligible for funding from MC2 until it returns to Good Standing. The RD will also be notified of the House's status. The House must be in attendance for at least one General Council Meeting prior to submitting an MC2 Funding Proposal after which it will be returned to Good Standing status.
Section 2: MC2/RHSA Funding Proposals
  1. MC2 Funding Proposals
    1. Proposal forms may be obtained in the McCarty Advisory Office. Everything must be filled out on the form. Proposals shall be submitted to the MC2 box in the McCarty Advisory Office prior to the next Executive Council Meeting.
    2. Proposals over one hundred dollars ($100) must be submitted at least two General Council Meetings prior to the event.
    3. The author of the proposal should attend the following General Council Meeting to present and answer questions about the proposal. Failure to do so will result in delay of the proposal.
  2. RHSA Funding Proposals
    Proposal forms may be obtained in the Advisory Office or the RHSA Office. Follow the instructions included in the form and turn it in at the RHSA Office by the given deadline.
Section 3: Funding Guidelines
In order to quickly, efficiently and fairly distribute MC2 funds, the following guidelines have been set down for the convenience of all:
  1. "Rubber Stamping" Proposals
    The Executive Council may approve proposals for twenty dollars ($20.00) or less without requiring the approval of the General Council. Proposals that have been "rubber stamped" must be announced at the next General Council Meeting;
  2. Ticket Events
    MC2 will not fund more than two dollars ($2) per person or fifty percent (50%) of the ticket price, whichever is less;
  3. Food
    Funding for food should not amount to more than two dollars ($2) per person attending the event;
  4. Ski Trips
    MC2 will not contribute to money for ski lift tickets. MC2 will not fund for more than two days of lodging. Depending on the demand for ski trips, the General Council may implement further limitations.

Article IX - Voting

Section 1:
Eligible voters shall include McCarty Residents, Resident Advisors and all current Executive Officers, excluding the President. The President shall vote in the event of a tie.
Section 2: Voting Procedures
The voting procedure shall be as follows:
  1. Quorum
    A quorum must be present at General Council to perform voting of any type.
    1. A quorum for voting of any type shall consist of any four Houses in attendance.
    2. A House in attendance must consist of at least two eligible voters.
    3. The Executive Council, RAs, RD, Senior Staff and guests will not count for quorum.
  2. Voters
    All eligible voters shall have one vote except in the event of a House-to-House vote.
    1. A House-to-House vote is when each House will be allowed one vote per person, not to exceed ten votes. The decision of the House of how to cast their votes shall be made in caucus with the residents of that House attending.
  3. Voting - Initial
    Voting shall proceed by show of hands to the motion on the floor. If any Council member requests, a vote by secret ballot will be taken. The President and/or Vice President of Budget and Finance will determine the majority of the vote.
  4. Voting - Secondary
    If for any reason any person is not satisfied with the result of the Initial vote, a House-to-House vote may be called without discussion of the vote, prior to the announcement of the decision.
Section 3:
Other meeting procedures will be implemented according to the Sturgis Rules of Order.

Article X - Amendments and Ratifications

Section 1:
All amendments shall be presented to the Administration Director of the Executive Council, who will discuss with the Executive Council and then make a recommendation to the General Council.
Section 2:
Motions to amend or modify the Constitution shall be carried by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of quorum.
Section 3:
All amendments shall become effective immediately upon ratification.
Section 4:
The Administration Director of MC2 will inform the Administrative Manager of RHSA of all amendments to the constitution.

Article XI - MC2 Registration with SAO

Section 1:
MC2 shall be registered with the Student Activities Office (SAO) at the beginning of the Fall Quarter by the Administration Director of MC2.