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  • November 24th | RAM trivia night 10 PM, University Village
  • December 5th | ASM Puget Sound dinner, Coast Bellevue hotel 5:45 PM featuring Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Professor at University of Houston and former NASA astronaut. RSVP to EventBrite.
  • December 5th | Officer meeting (Winter planning meeting) @ HUB 340, 1:30-2:30 PM
  • December 12th | General meeting @ HUB 340, 1:30-2:30 PM


  • October 31st | General meeting @ HUB 340, 1:30-2:30 PM
  • November 7th | Officer meeting (open attendance) @ HUB 340, 1:30-2:30 PM
  • November 11th | ASM Puget Sound dinner, Fir Room of the Coast Bellevue hotel 6:00 PM
  • November 14th | General meeting @ HUB 340, 1:30-2:30 PM
  • November 21st | Tour of Fluke


  • October 15th | ASM Puget Sound Chapter dinner and board meeting @ Oak Room of Coast Hotel in Bellevue
  • October 17th | General meeting
  • October 24th | Tour of JamCo Inc.


    We are:
  • in the process of a restructuring and have a new board of officers.
  • planning new industry tours and outreach events, stay tuned for details!
  • sending a group of Material Advantage officers and members to MS&T '14 in Pittsburgh in October.
  • entering into a geodesic dome competition, stay tuned for updates and contact us at our email address for entry into the competition.


Electroimpact tour (05/13/14) was the last of the school year. 05/22/14 will
be the final outreach. We have a new page for industry tours!


The next meeting is May 13th, see you in Mueller!


The annual ASM trustee dinner was on 04/08/14. There are two industry tours
coming up, Nucor 04/16/14 and Jorgensen Forge 04/21/14.

Our Mission

The Material Advantage UW Student Chapter is committed to the education and involvement of students at every level to the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

Our outreach programs are focused towards Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievements for youths and those in community college. The demonstrations provide an exciting insight on different materials' properties, and real life experiences of Materials Science and Engineering.

Material Advantage
Material Advantage - The Student Program for Materials Science and Engineering Material Advantage Student Program is the premier membership option for students who want to make the most of their Materials Engineering experience! Once you’ve become a Material Advantage member, you’ll quickly see that "Everything Else Is Immaterial!"

Material Advantage provides a single low-cost membership that provides access to the materials science and engineering professional's most pre-eminent societies
ASM International
ASM logo ASM International is the society for materials engineers and scientists, a worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and applications of metals and materials.
ASM Puget Sound Chapter
ASM Puget Sound The mission of the Puget Sound Chapter of ASM International is to inform, educate and stimulate discussion in the science, purpose, and function of conventional and advanced materials in society and industry, and to promote dialog in the advancement of materials science for the betterment of industry and the community at large.
As defined in the TMS Foundation Bylaws, the mission of the Foundation is "To engage the finest young minds in the design, processing and application of materials by stimulating the dynamic evolution of our educational and professional infrastructures."
The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) was established on January 1, 2004, with a goal of advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel. The best practices of both predecessor organizations were incorporated into AIST, and we now have a strong, international, member-based technical organization that can sustain itself in an environment of continual change.
AIST is committed to presenting superior technical meetings, conferences, exhibits and publications to better serve those involved in the iron and steel community, including steel manufacturers, suppliers, consumers and academics.
The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) is a 100-year-old non-profit organization that serves the informational, educational, and professional needs of the international ceramics community. The Society's more than 7,500 members comprise a wide variety of individuals and interest groups that include engineers, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and sales professionals, and others in related materials disciplines. ACerS provides members and subscribers in 80 countries with access to periodicals and books, meetings and expositions, and on-line technical information.
Materials Science & Engineering - UofW
Advances in materials have preceded almost every major technological leap since the beginning of civilization. In modern times, the rapid and revolutionary progress in specifically designed materials has had a significant impact on all aspects of life. New discoveries in engineered materials are crucial to the continued vitality of the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, construction, electronics, energy and telecommunication industries.