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Malaysian Student Association is established in 2012.

MASA organizes a variety of events that include Eid, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, sports day, and many other fun activities throughout the year. The events will be held every two weeks once, at least, which give the opportunity for the members as well as the non-members to meet each other apart from meeting in campus.
We have been actively involved in a cultural events in UW that require booths opening to introduce/promote Malaysia. And since 2013, we’ve been annually participating in a cultural showcase that gathers cultures from all around the world.
You get to attend cultural events, get bonded with Malaysians around Seattle, Washington as well as West Coast. MASA UW is also working on joint venture partnerships with cafes and restaurants so that members can enjoy some perks and benefits from sponsors!
We closely associate with Malaysian Association Seattle (MAS), National Assembly of Malaysian Student Association West Coast Chapter (NAMSA-WCC), Muslim Student Association UW (MSA UW), South East Asian UW ( SEA^2) and etc. Apart from this, we also keep in touch with the Malaysians living around Seattle who do support and join our events.
The membership is open to everyone in the UW Community and as for the time being, the membership fee is $15 per academic year. If you are looking to have a culture-rich experience, you should join us!
You are most welcomed, but most of the time there will be a non-membership admission fee which will be reasonably cheap.

In total, a member should be paying less than non member per academic year, provided if the events attended are the same.

It’s easy! You have three ways to reach us:
– Send us a Facebook message (Don’t forget to like our page upon visit)
– Send an email via our Contact form
– DIrectly contact any of our Officers