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2015 -2016

Chinese New Year 2016!

Gong xi! Gong xi! The year of the Monkey was here and the MASA community got together to celebrate the auspicious day! This year’s event was celebrated with the addition of Yee Sang, which is the Prosperity Toss! It consists of a big bowl of raw fish salad with lots of vegetables decorated on them. The purpose of Yee Sang is for people to toss the salad using chopsticks and wish for prosperity while doing it! The seniors were invited to join in the Prosperity Toss and were later joined by other members and guests. Emceed by the entertaining Elaine Khoo and Arun Ganapathy, the celebration was filled with joy and laughter! Guests were served with food before indulging in the obligatory showcase of a Malaysian TV advertisement which overwhelmed everybody almost to the brink of tears as we remind ourselves of our family and friends back home. The room lit up again, though, when Haiqal Abdul Razak and Amira Aida introduced the game of Jeopardy! Everybody participated and had lots of fun challenging ourselves with the general knowledge of our beloved Malaysia.

Winter ’16 Sports Day

As usual, MASA holds a quarterly sports day event for MASA members to get up and goin’ at the start of the quarter. But there’s a little twist to this quarter’s sports day because there was Nasi Lemak Bungkus! Just like the successful selling of Fried Bee Hoon on Career Fair Seminar, MASA’s committee members sold Nasi Lemak Bungkus as a fundraiser for the highly anticipated Malaysian Night. And, to no surprise, everybody was all over the Nasi Lemak Bungkus after sports games ended and MASA sold out, yet again!

Games that were played were Captain’s Ball, Baling Selipar, and Capture the Flag. The event started at 10am and ended at 2pm, just the right time to dig in that hot Nasi Lemak. Everybody showed great cooperation and sportsmanship throughout the event! The winners for this quarter are the Green Greyhounds! Congratulations to all who participated!

MASA Amazing Race

On the last week before Autumn 2015 ends, MASA organized a race of wits and speed to MASA members. Participants were divided into groups of twos and threes, and were given clues which had riddles describing places on campus. The goal was for each group to figure out the riddles, race with one another, get to the right stations and complete tasks. If any group failed to complete tasks, punishments were given and that could delay their chance in getting to the last checkpoint as fast as possible!

The winner of MASA Amazing Race was the dynamic duo: Alya Azman and Lukman Aidid! Congratulations! The day ended with a small prize-giving ceremony to the winner and the obligatory (yeap, never missed it) group photo shoot. The only minor setback was the unfriendly weather, so there was only a small turnout. But all in all, everybody had fun and MASA would like to thank those who participated!

Game Day

Game Day is a day where MASA members get together and utilize the whole of HUB Game Center, which provides board games, video games, bowling, table tennis, foosball; you name it, they’ve got it. This year’s Game Day started off with an addition of a Trivia Quiz! The Trivia Quiz was organized by Sarah Rifqah, Khairin Fazira, Syafiqah Elida, and Amira Aida – all of whom worked closely with MASA committee in making the event happen. Teams were divided randomly and competed with other teams in correctly answering trivial questions. The winners got to move on to the next round and those who didn’t win received “punishments” (i.e. having their beautiful faces dabbed on and drawn by flour).

On top of playing games, there was also a small birthday celebration for the October – December babies! Everybody had a bite of cake among other snacks and drinks before heading down to the Game Center to hang out. It was a chilled event and everybody had a great relaxing time!

MASA Deeparaya ’15

On this very festive evening, everybody was clad in their best traditional outfits to celebrate the spirit of Deepavali and Hari Raya! The event started at 6 p.m. and the place quickly filled up as everybody hurriedly went to line up at the food station. MASA committee provided a generous amount of delicious food and everyone spent the evening with full tummies! Emceed by Afiqah Amil and Luqman Rusli, guests were entertained by both traditional and modern performances. The first act of the night was from Andrea Joe and Lee Bing Yu, whose soothing singing voices left everybody in awe. The next performance was a traditional Malay dance by the Zapin crew, followed by a modern dancing performance by the Bollywood dancing team!

For the Best-Dressed Awards, the winners were Luqman Rusli, Nur Fariza, Arun Ganapathy, and Christine Wong! There was also a spontaneous open dance floor before everybody gathered for photo-taking sessions. It was a successful evening that was filled with the spirits of festivities, and MASA thanks all who helped and supported!

Autumn ’15 Sports Day

The first quarterly sports battle of the year among the MASA community was held in the midst of Autumn quarter. With everybody getting pumped up and ready to get over those painful midterm papers, sports was a great way to release those raging stress. As usual, the day started with a warming up session and the singing of Negaraku, the national anthem. And sports day kicked off with Captain’s Ball, the most infamously competitive game in MASA’s sports days.

All teams (The Blue Badgers, Green Greyhounds, Red Rattlesnakes, and the Purple Pugs) gave their best shot at Captain’s Ball, Dodgeball and the traditional Kabaddi. Nobody was badly hurt (yeay) but everybody did turn vicious and semangat in trying to win each game! Congratulations to the Purple Pugs and to all the other teams!


Major Night

To lessen the anxiety of being in the first quarter of the first year, MASA organizes a Major Night for first-year students in the MASA community. Major Night is a night where seniors with different majors sit on a table with students who wish to ask them questions about their respective majors. This year, Major Night started off with a short talk by one of UW’s lead academic advisers, May Lim, who was a Malaysian-born! Everybody then scattered to the tables with placing card of majors on each of them and had casual chats and discussions with seniors.

Experiences were shared and students could get more insight and pointers on their respective fields of study. The night ended successfully with everybody getting to know each other better and also having a better idea of their majors here in the University of Washington.

MASA Ice Breaking ’15!

Autumn quarter is here and that means it’s the start of a new year and there’s gonna be new faces! MASA welcomes the new Malaysian freshmen and transfer students with an ice breaking session at the beautiful quad. Everybody started coming in and gathered at one corner of the quad, casually sitting on the fresh grass, catching up with old friends and making new ones!

MASA committee conducted a brief and fun game where everybody was randomly switching between groups according to some random categories, and talked with each other in each group! After a few minutes of chatting and getting to know each other, groups were randomly switched again (kind of like speed dating :p). Whoever failed to be in groups on time, received a punishment of having their faces drawn on by MASA’s vice president, Amirul Hakim, who was ever so creative.

Everybody had the chance to get to know one another better and was enjoying the relaxing cloudy afternoon! MASA family is getting bigger and MASA would like to thank all who came and supported! Here’s to another great year ahead!

Graduation Night ’15

A week before the seniors’ big commencement, MASA organized the remarkable Graduation Night to celebrate the graduating seniors and it was also the night where everybody had the chance to flaunt their elegance, musical talents, and “thrilling” dance moves 😉

The event was held at the Walker-Ames room of Kane Hall and everybody looked their best that night! Guests were served with spectacular food and entertainment throughout the whole event. Amirul Hakim and Deanna Rustham were the emcees of the night and they led everyone in the mysterious “Murder” game where the “Killer” kills someone in secret (by asking a “murderous” question, to which a person falls victim if they respond) and would be caught if a “Police officer” manages to find out who they are. If they remain unidentified, they would win the mystery game.  Aaaaand the winner of the game goes to Sofwa Sabaruddin! This petite but dangerous girl managed to “kill” everyone without anybody noticing towards the end of the night!

There were a variety of performances and entertainment on Graduation Night. Sofwa Sabaruddin kicked off the performance with her marvelous singing and was followed by a creative, candle-lit performance by Sarah Rifqah, Syafiqah Elida, Kharin Fazira and Amira Aida. Some other amazing musical performances were performed by Audrey Wong, Kim Siang, Minako Goh, Aqwa Alif, Asyraf Said, Najmi Salim, Lukman Aidid, Christine Wong, Nur Syamimi and Deanna Rustham! The graduating seniors also took the chance to show off their talented voices. Nothing could go wrong with Ameer Goh, Chow Yi Chao, Amirul Fatih and Firdaus Soberi hogging the guitars and microphones.

The guests also received a surprising dance performance by Nur Fariza, Sofwa Sabaruddin, Atiyah Suhaimi, Syaza Khalisah and Farhanah Faizal who danced to “Thriller” by the legendary Michael Jackson! Everybody was up to the beat and clapped along to the dancers! It was also the night where MASA Media Team officially launched this website and showed everybody the anticipated video of MASA students. The seniors also gave everybody a glimpse of what they feel about having to leave UDub, shared their memories, and their hopes and dreams. Kavita Chandran and Alwin Tan gave the most heartfelt graduating speeches and seniors were celebrated even more with the MASA committee giving each of them parting gifts. The successful night ended with photo shoots and a big group photo of everybody.

MASA would like to thank all who helped with making Graduation Night a successful event and to all the seniors, we wish you good luck and all the best! Go Huskies, forever!

Spring BBQ 2015

Just right before Spring quarter ends, MASA held its annual Spring BBQ! The breezy day was filled with laughter, football, familiar faces, food, food, and more food! And all of this was enjoyed whilst overlooking the serene lake at Warren Magnuson Park. Satay (yeap, that’s right), ribs, chicken drumsticks and desserts are among the many food served. On top of MASA members, many other Malaysian families came and all of us got a chance to catch up and meet new people!

The day was well spent and MASA would like to thank all those who pitched in, brought food to share, and also to those willing to fire up the BBQ grill while others were digging in (can’t blame them, food was just too great)!