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Name: Mala
City Seattle
Sent: 10.53 am - tue 9 sep 2003

Wow...this page is looking great every time I stopped by!!! Keep up the great work! Take care....

Name: boon vongsamart
City friday harbor
your fly @lao new year
Sent: 10.50 am - thu 4 sep 2003

my daugter gonna graduat hischool this year as parent i want her to start UW & involve with your guy but so far she interest BC more than UW!!! HOW CAN I CONVIN ORTRY TO CHANGE HER WAY TO YOUR WAY.. LOVE YOURS &KEEP UP GREATJOB

Name: Tommy
City Seattle
Sent: 1.29 pm - wed 16 jul 2003

Congratulation! The pictures from the new year celebration looks very exciting, I am sure it must have been very interesting. Please visit my may find it as interesting.

Name: Liz
City NY
Sent: 3.24 pm - sat 12 jul 2003

Nice site! Hope you like mine tooooo!

Name: phonetip
City seattle
Sent: 6.46 pm - tue 10 jun 2003

I accidently spelt my own last name wrong at the end of the other one.... silly me OOPS!:00 Yea and another thing why put a close up of me? luv ya lots

Name: Phonetip Sivilay
City seattle
you told me!
Sent: 6.39 pm - tue 10 jun 2003

hey guys i'm at the library right now suppose to be researching but anyways i gots to let you guys kno without totally boring you guys out that all that you guys have done is magnificent! the lao new year party was a blast i kno, i kno it's already june but i really want you to know that i've always appreciated every freakin thing you guys have ever done you guys are friendly funny fabulous and just overall awesome to work and be around with! well schools probably out for yalls now but good luck to you and everything you do i miss ya grippa. try not to forget me kay? the pix and info are great. so much to say so little time, gotz to go now, bye-bye much love and hugs
thinking and thanking you always,
phonetip sivlay
-Class of '04-

Name: Sofia
City NY
Sent: 9.28 pm - fri 23 may 2003

See you soon, love from Sofia

Name: Souraphinh Sera Koulabdara
Homepage: http://L.A.O.S.
City Columbus
Sent: 7.12 pm - thu 15 may 2003

Helloz beautiful LAOS peepz! I just wanted to tell you guys and gurlz what a great job you a are doing!I love the website and I'm so proud of all of you!!! ~~Maybe we'll visit you guyz!!!

Name: Malita
City Montréal, Canada
my volleyball coach sent the link
Sent: 6.19 pm - mon 28 apr 2003

Hi LSA people!
It's really nice to see an association representing laotian youth and doing positive things for the community. As for me, I'm part of a lao women volleyball team representing the
"L'association des femmes Lao du Québec au Canada" (lao women's association). We're also going to celebrate the 20th edition of the Laotian Festival in this summer, it would be nice if you guys can make it this year. It's always a big event, dancing, food, entertainement, sports challenge at the lao buddhist temple outside of Montreal. Ok, I've been asked to say "hello!" to the designer of this website (Cindy Menorath?)from my coach. Here is his e-mail: mkeo@hotmailcom. heheh (He dosen't know I wrote that though!) Ok, keep up the good work! Malita

Name: Kimlony
City Tukwila, WA
Sent: 2.48 am - thu 24 apr 2003

P.S. It is gonna be a great year!

Name: Kimlony
City Tukwila, WA
Through KhSA =) and Puth
Sent: 2.47 am - thu 24 apr 2003

Hey guys! I'm sorry I couldn't attend the LSA New Year Show. BUT, I heard some very great comments sbout it being extremely successful and a lot of fun, so hopefully I will be able to attend next year's. Well, anyhow I just wanted to come by and show some love to our sister-club. I performed a Laos dance once at my high school. Learning it was so much fun, too. I wonder if I can remember it. Keep up the great work! Kimlony

Name: Toan
City Seattle
Sent: 9.17 pm - sun 20 apr 2003

Hi everyone,
The pictures look great, I really enjoyed working with you all on this new year celebration, hope to see everyone again next year!

Xuongyan(Clever man)

Name: Jake
City Seattle
veda made me
Sent: 9.38 am - fri 18 apr 2003

hey everybody!
good job on the show! it went really well. hope to see everyone soon!

Name: Tony
City Seattle
I'm The Vice President
Sent: 5.52 pm - wed 16 apr 2003

Hey guys and gals,
It was so much fun working with everyone on the new year's show. We did a great job with everything and it ran perfectly. Good job! I hope to work with everyone again next year!

Name: linda
Sent: 4.12 pm - wed 16 apr 2003

just wanted to say hi to all of you..Great Job!!

Name: april
City seattle
Sent: 8.50 pm - sun 13 apr 2003

Hi all! Last night was FABULOUS and I am so PROUD of you all (officers & volunteers)! We pulled it off and by far, it's the best show I have ever been a part of! I am proud to be a part of LSA and to be a voice for Laotian Americans at UW. Wishing everyone a VERY Happy New Year and lastly, I am thankful for all the friendships I have gained! You are AWESOME!

Name: Veda
City seattle
Sent: 6.16 pm - sun 13 apr 2003

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say GREEEEAAATT job last night! We put on a fantastic show. I'm so proud to be part of this club!



Name: Alinda
City Columbus, OH
Because you are toooo cool, lol
Sent: 4.01 pm - sat 12 apr 2003

Good luck tonight! Laos pride! Wish our Laotian Association Of Students @ Ohio State University luck too tonight !

Name: Keo
City Pullman, Wa
Rosemary Oudanonh
Sent: 9.20 pm - wed 9 apr 2003

Wassup my Laos people. Sa Bai Dee. Nice webpage. I am writing from Wazzu. You guys are really holding it down over there. Thats hella dope because there aren't that many, or should I say there aren't any Laos people here at Wazzu. Well keep the heritae alive over there. Peace.