Parents Attending Law School
University of Washington School of Law
Welcome to the PALS website
PALS (Parents Attending Law School) is a social network, support group and student organization for students at the University of Washington School of Law who have or are considering having children.

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PALS website information
Important: In addition to this UW website, PALS also maintains a student website through The West Education Network (TWEN). Our TWEN site allows for increased student participation and includes course outlines, childcare recommendations, course/professor information, meeting minutes, a buy/sell bulletin and a job sounding board. Only students, however, can access the TWEN site. Please email for access.

PALS Mission Statement
We recognize the unique demands that students with children face in balancing school, work and family life. We welcome children of law students into the law school community with open arms and strive to create an environment in which students and their children can grow and learn together.

Our student-run organization aims to share information, advocate for resources and provide personal support to law students with children.

Specifically we will: Provide a casual forum for networking about shared parenting experiences; Sponsor fun events for children and their parents; Discuss career strategies for students with children; Disseminate information on school policies and community resources; Serve as an advocate within the school for students with children.