The Coursector project seeks to leverage the vast amount of data routinely collected at post-secondary academic institutions to improve the academic experience for all stakeholders - students, professors, administrators, and policy-makers alike. Currently, the project centers on a University of Washington dataset consisting of over 20 years of information on, among other things, student demographics, student registration/enrollment, student grades, degrees awarded, and instructor evaluation scores.

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Central Puget Sound Higher Education Capacity Study

The Central Puget Sound region is experiencing an increase in the number of living wage (sometimes known as middle-income) jobs and yet, there is reason to believe that local adults are not able to access those jobs and satisfy employer demand. While there are deep efforts underway to address this region's systemic gaps in higher education completion and job readiness for all eligible wage earners, it is unclear whether the region even has the capacity to support all of the job seekers (local K-12 graduates as well as those returning to schooling) at local higher education institutions in the first place. The Central Puget Sound Higher Education Capacity Study seeks to examine the education-to-workforce pipeline of the region.

For more information, see this study overview.