About me

My name is Kiley Sobel, and I’m a PhD candidate in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. I’m also a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a member of the dub group.

I’m interested in inclusive design, Interaction Design & Children, Child-Computer Interaction, and Assistive Technology. Although I mainly have a background in Human-Computer Interaction and design research, I’ve also worked as a teacher’s assistant in various early childhood education classrooms and as a behavioral therapist for children with autism.

My primary research is in understanding how interactive technology might help increase opportunities for children with and without disabilities to equally, actively, and meaningfully participate in the same setting. I’m currently working on my dissertation to investigate the role of interactive technology during inclusive play, or play between children with and without disabilities.

In addition to my research, I love doing intergenerational participatory co-design with KidsTeam UW, designing technology for children with children. I’m also lucky to be involved in the planning and teaching of an undergraduate introductory course on the human centered design process– HCDE 210, Explorations in Human Centered Design!