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I will remember Kaila Eason as the girl who always wanted to get into a car to go to district events. I will also remember her as the girl who was able to convince me to get into a car to make it to an event that she couldn’t attend (as she had other district commitments!).

Four days before the event, Kaila approached me and asked if I wanted to attend Mu Pi’s Third Degree. I asked who all was going, and she said that she wasn’t entirely sure yet. She knew that she couldn’t. She was already going to Utaho States Days…

Jessica, Erica and I decided that we wanted to go. Erica and I would be making our second trip to Eugene in a month after attending Wagon States Days earlier in February. After a couple of hours on the road and one more in a Salem mall, we made our way down to Eugene. We arrived with twenty minutes to spare so we quickly changed and made our way to the front of the congregation outside the ceremony room. There was a contingent from Theta up at the front, along with some guy named Adam who was studying computer science from Oregon. I almost asked him why he was at the front and not with the others from UO but I didn’t. As it turned out, he was Adam Bates the National Vice President of Student Affairs, so I’m glad that I didn’t question where he was standing! But he was very nice and was pleased to hear that at least four members of Gamma will be making the trek to National Convention this summer in Springfield, MA.

Third Degree was a lot of fun, it’s always interesting to see how different chapters run their degrees. After it was over, I got to surprise my hosts from States Days, Hannah and Ashley, who had just crossed over and didn’t know I was coming. I also was afforded the chance to reconnect with Eisa, my Mu Pi PM drummer buddy which was great! Dinner followed degree at Red Robin and then Connor and Corrin were gracious enough to let us camp out on their floor.

Overall, the weekend was full of solidifying friendships that had just been started a month before, and for that sole reason, I’m glad I went. I hope to see my brothers from Mu Pi again soon, maybe at Theta’s camping trip that is coming up sooner than we think!

AEA, and mlitb,
Ben Horst

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