We recently received a very special article from a Gamma chapter alumni, Ben Horst, who graduated from UW a few years ago. Enjoy.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. But, as is usually the case, distance also makes the heart grow a bit nostalgic. I knew that moving down to the Bay Area for graduate school meant the beginning of a new chapter in my life, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t remember the wonderful times I had during the years that I spent with Gamma, the Western District, and the National Chapter. Thankfully, there have been some familiar faces that have passed through Berkeley in this last semester, and we have had some really good times together.

Fall semester marked the beginning of my pursuit of a PhD in Chemistry at UC Berkeley, but it also marked the beginning of another Gamma alum’s journey in graduate school. Yes, Matt Heid is at Berkeley with me getting his Masters in Science and Mathematics Education. It has been great grabbing coffee with Matt on random afternoons, checking out the local farmers market, doing crosswords on BART, and watching him perform with one of the performing groups on campus. To have someone else from Alpha Gamma in close proximity as we start over in a new city has been a lot of fun!


Another Western District alum in the Bay is Charlene Ronne from Lambda Alpha at UC Irvine. She has finished her Masters in Education at Stanford and is now teaching history at a local middle school. Matt and I have taken to getting breakfast with her every once in a while and trying out the cafes around the area. She has a lot of interesting stories about transitioning to being an educator, and of course about her students. Apparently the new slang word is “killin’ it”. Who knew?

Matt and I also had the chance to hang out with Kim Bowen and Paulla Santos last fall (from Psi and Mu Pi respectively). Kim is originally from Oakland, and was visiting her family before school started. We had a chance to try out her favorite Oakland Ethiopian restaurant and catch up with both of them which was nice because we haven’t seen them in a while.

Finally, a whole bunch of Gamma roadtripped down to Berkeley for the UW vs. Cal football game this past October! We found the nearest Starbucks, I gave everyone a tour of my chemistry lab, and then we watched the Huskies demolish the Bears 31-7, which was awesome! Thanks to Kaila, Kerry, Caroline, Guilhem, Clint, and other friends for coming down and hanging out!


I am disappointed to have missed Rotato, which in my opinion might be one of the best traditions Gamma has. But I still try to keep a bit of Gamma in my life every week as I read the minutes and respond to the minutes question (so Becca hears from me quite a bit..!). It seems like Gamma is doing wonderfully, so keep it up!

All my best, AEA, and mlitb,

Ben Horst
Gamma Chapter
UW Class of 2013

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