As we all constantly strive for the highest, it is important to look back at where we’ve come from. Following is an open letter sent to us by one of our alumni describing exactly that. Letters like these are very special to our chapter, as we so appreciate hearing from our alumni, and we hope to continue making them proud.

To my Brothers;

Back in my day. . . we didn’t have double letter classes or a chapter that rivaled the largest sections in band for membership. We didn’t host conventions, or huge projects. We did what we did, and we did it well, but back in my day we couldn’t conceive of the projects and accomplishments that seem to come easy to chapter today.

There were a lot of changes and a lot of new directions for the chapter when I went through, we tried a lot of new things and really expanded our horizons. It didn’t always work out, but we kept trying and worked hard and eventually we started to establish ourselves and build a better rapport with the band and staff. We thought our ideas and dreams were outlandish and over ambitious, but little did we know that by 2013 every ambitious goal we dreamed up, every long term goal we had for “5 years from now” would be crushed and overshadowed by the incredible achievements of the bright eyed and sometimes painfully awkward successors to our “legacy”.

Looking back, I laugh at how hard I thought it was, and realize that the challenges I faced as an active member must seem like the hum drum of everyday for actives now. The long meetings and difficult discussions seem so petty and silly compared to the scope and magnitude of the events and projects that Gamma seems to churn out endlessly, much like its new membership classes. I am amazed at the level of engagement and incredible recruiting numbers that have not only sustained but grown significantly from the days I was around. Never in my wildest dreams did I see that coming.

But I think that’s the theme here. That’s the take away from all of this. You have accomplished everything we wanted to and could not, and more.  You have gone far above and beyond; you’ve exemplified AEA and truly shown me what it means to live that statement. I look back and I wonder how on earth I could have taught any of you anything, you’ve far surpassed any of my accomplishments long ago, and made my hopes for the future seem like a comical understatement of potential.

You represent critical change in our history, you represent a generation of active brothers that have shattered the ceiling and climbed the ladder to new, unimagined heights, and you refuse to stop climbing. I have never been prouder to be a brother of Gamma than I am today, and I expect that you will continue to amaze me with every new project and every new class.

So to the active brothers of Gamma, thank you. For your dedication to our purpose, your steadfast loyalty to the teachings, the incredible work you devote to our fraternity, and your unparalleled love for music, service, and brotherhood. Thank you for making us everything we could and should be, thank you for not giving up and settling for “good enough”.

And thanks for listening to the ramblings of old people.

Respectfully Submitted,

An anonymous old-timer from the days of Psi

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