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Nothing is more powerful than the bond of brotherhood.  Yes, it’s cliché but that does not steal anything from the truth of the statement.  Throughout winter quarter, the nineteen members of what is now the Alpha Epsilon active class struggled and worked our way through the prospective member process to obtain the membership status of Active of Gamma Chapter.  While learning much about Kappa Kappa Psi and Gamma Chapter, one of the most important lessons we took away from the entire process was that Cerise is an amazing Vice President. Oh wait, that’s not it. The most important lesson we took away from the entire process was how to use listserves. Nope, that wasn’t it either. Ah yes, it was the strength of the bond of brotherhood.  Speaking for the members of Alpha Epsilon, as I believe I have the knowledge to do, we all entered knowing very few members of the prospective member class. But today, we stand as a very closely knit class and could not be better friends.  What truly makes the prospective member process worthwhile, and what is indeed at the core of Kappa Kappa Psi itself, is the bond of brotherhood.  It is impossible to visit other schools during conventions, conferences and state(s) days, even as a prospective member, and not feel the vibrant bond of brotherhood strengthening the organization from each individual member.  Regardless of how much history of the Gamma chapter one knows or how many founding fathers one can name, the true importance of the prospective member process lies in the ability to connect with the network of brothers across the campus, state, district and nation.


Alex Kegel
Alpha Epsilon Class

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