For our chapter display board at the 2012 Western District Convention, Gamma asked each member to describe what “Music Under the Stars” meant or what they thought of when hearing it as the convention theme. When I closed my eyes, I pictured a few things: one was sitting under the dim lights of the Boise State indoor practice field with Gamma Brothers at Utaho State Days talking about our favorite band moments. Another was remembering every time I had  ever driven through Rinky-Dink, Nowhere, belting Broadway soundtrack songs under the stars on the way to some distant Western District event. For me, the theme also included memories of the four, now six, amazing nights I have spent up in Raser State Park for Gamma’s annual retreat.

If the theme of “Music Under the Stars” ever came up again however, I think I now have a greater understanding of what it means to me. After an extremely emotional chapter closed the 2012-2013 school year, I walked with Brothers Ben Horst, Kerry Sloan, Matt Heid, and Becca Ward up through campus to the McMahon building where saying goodbye was impossible. We stood around, arm-in-arm, talking about the chapter and how proud we were to be part of this organization and how sad we were to see Brothers like Ben leave us, but also how excited those of us staying behind were to see where this upcoming year takes our chapter. Though I couldn’t see the stars right then and there, they were with us and always would be; just like the Brothers that have ever called themselves active in this organization are or the way every note we’ve ever played is.

After being successfully scared by Brother David Bissell, we talked about music a little longer and then saw Becca off to her dorm. Ben, Matt, Kerry, and I hopped into the truck and found food and coffee (of course). After winding through the streets of Seattle actually looking for a place where we could see the stars, we found ourselves in Greenlake. We climbed into the truck bed and avoided talking about the seniors graduating by picking on Matt and talking about school. Eventually we made ourselves more comfortable, lying down and staring up at those stars you can see at midnight on a clear Seattle evening. Matt asked if we thought there were a finite number of stars or if maybe there were an infinite number.

In this moment, thinking about the number of stars above us, I started crying. Music, and only music, brought me here and to an infinite number of other moments like it. Music above all else will continue to fill me with an infinite amount of emotions and remind me how much I love being a part of this Brotherhood. With these happy thoughts running around my head, I felt all the stress of moving out of my house and finishing up Spring quarter leave and I fell asleep into the best nap I’ve had in ages—even if I woke up a little disoriented, which I think we all did!

I am so thankful for everything music has given me and so honored that I can give back to such an intangible concept as music through this organization. Gamma spent a lot of time this year thinking and talking about and playing music together and these actions brought us just that much closer together.  Because of music, I am a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi.

Forever in the bond,
Kaila Eason
Alpha Gamma

Under the stars - brothers

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